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Close votes "invalidated" [duplicate]

I had voted to close this question as "not reproducible" and provided a CodeSandbox link to prove it. Today, I got pinged by a response from OP and noticed the vote was gone. I tried to vote ...
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How to get pending flags looked at, and the corresponding question closed? [duplicate]

2 weeks ago, I flagged the question VHDL : Why my outputs in FSM for SPI interface are becoming 'X red' whenever they shall be written with outputs as useless (no code provided, solved by the ...
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Flag reviewing technique improvements

I have a lot of pending flags that have not been reviewed for more than a week! What I should do with them? Is there a way to improve the flag-reviewing technique? I mean that flag-reviewers should ...
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Efficiency of review queues - too many "aged away" flags

There are similar questions asked too, however those are old and now the situation might be even worse. Why were my older close flags "aged away"? How many aged away flags are common? Are ...
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Lower the limit for when users can review flags?

If older flags are being aged away because there aren't enough people to approve or reject them, like this question suggests Why were my older close flags "aged away"? , then would it be ...
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Why are some flags reviewed very fast? [duplicate]

Recently I've noticed that some of my flags: get marked as helpful almost instantly. Does the system itself mark some flags as helpful? Or why is this happening? and some are waiting very long and ...
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Handling of different flag types [duplicate]

I frequently work in the first posts/late answers queues and flag posts if necessary. Most of the time it's 'not an answer' and seldom 'spam'. Both types of flags get handled (i.e. status changes from ...
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Why can't I flag to close a ticket where my original flag aged away? [duplicate]

I raised a duplicate flag on a question that to me was a clear duplicate of another question a few days ago, and in the intervening time that flag has aged away. I had wanted to go back and re-raise ...
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Are there too few moderators? I have over 50% "aged away" flags [duplicate]

I have raised 78 flags where 31 of them are "aged away" and 16 "waiting" which will "age away" too, I suppose. 30% from "aged away" flags were "duplicate" flags which are hard to find and raise. In ...
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Why do flags become "aged away"? [duplicate]

A couple of my flags got the status "aged away". Why are some flags reviewed very quickly, and some got the status "aged away"? Do flags have some priority list? Or maybe not very important flags ...
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Re-flag orientation after flags aging away

Several of my flags aged aways these days. I know we should re-flag questions when we think that's appropriate. So I went forward and restarted the tedious flagging process. As I never did that ...
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How many aged away flags are common?

I'm doing some reviewing, mostly in Triage. Until now I raised 299 flags, and 62 of them aged away (this is approximately 20%), which I think is quite a lot. While I understand why flags age away, I'...
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Aging away of flags [duplicate]

Is the SO team / community doing anything about aging away of flags? As above, in my case about 1/3 of flags have aged away (probably because they were not reviewed). I am sure there are several ...
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What is the difference between declined, disputed and aged away? [duplicate]

I am not able to understand the flagging history. So when I flag a post like Very low Quality and it is declined like declined - a moderator reviewed your flag, but found no evidence to support it ...
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7 out of my latest 10 flags "aged away" [duplicate]

I'm just wondering if I do something wrong, as lately my flags are not getting any attention and simply "age away". It feels like my flags were raised in vain as it seems nobody had a look at them at ...
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