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Re-flag aged away flags with the same flag reason

I understand the need to age away flags but after my flags are aged away I can't re-flag them with the same reason. Some of the posts I flagged which have aged away. Shog9's answer suggests that ...
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Moderator view for user flags needs an update!

So first to clear some things out. I read this comment on this answer: So does a mod see when a user flagged the post and does he looks at the post how it looked at the specific time? Especially ...
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Efficiency of review queues - too many "aged away" flags

There are similar questions asked too, however those are old and now the situation might be even worse. Why were my older close flags "aged away"? How many aged away flags are common? Are ...
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Re-flag orientation after flags aging away

Several of my flags aged aways these days. I know we should re-flag questions when we think that's appropriate. So I went forward and restarted the tedious flagging process. As I never did that ...
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Are there too few moderators? I have over 50% "aged away" flags [duplicate]

I have raised 78 flags where 31 of them are "aged away" and 16 "waiting" which will "age away" too, I suppose. 30% from "aged away" flags were "duplicate" flags which are hard to find and raise. In ...
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Flag reviewing technique improvements

I have a lot of pending flags that have not been reviewed for more than a week! What I should do with them? Is there a way to improve the flag-reviewing technique? I mean that flag-reviewers should ...
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Very tiny asterisk inside flag overview

I'm a bit confused. After i opened my flag history and saw this sentence (didn't scroll at all) i went to my kitchen and fetched the glass cleaner to clean the tiny smudge in front of "older flags ...
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Votes to close as duplicate expiring [duplicate]

I posted a comment in How to convert 2's complement to its corresponding signed counterpart natural to the machine? to say it looked like it was a duplicate of Efficient unsigned-to-signed cast ...
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What causes a flag to be 'aged away'? [duplicate]

I recently tried to become more active on Stack Overflow. So, I started asking and answering questions whenever I can, using my upvotes(can't downvote yet) and flagging posts as I see fit. One thing I'...
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Lower the limit for when users can review flags?

If older flags are being aged away because there aren't enough people to approve or reject them, like this question suggests Why were my older close flags "aged away"? , then would it be ...
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