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Why so many up votes on this question and its answers? [duplicate]

I just happened to stumble across this question. At first I didn't see anything unusual, but then I noticed that there were an awful lot of duplicate answers. Not just "similar" answers, ...
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How come a Question this poor is having 8 upvotes? Also, why is it still open? [duplicate]

The question is how to capitalize the first letter of each word using loops in java? It's a Hot Network Question with 518 views and a score of +9/-1. Not a single close vote has been cast. The ...
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What is going on here? C++ madness [duplicate]

I'm sorry, but I have to ask what the hell is going on here Why does this if-statement combining assignment and an equality check return true? - not an interesting question, a correct but not ...
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Is question 52264638 good for Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

I recently stumbled upon this question Is main a valid Java identifier? The question got a lot of attraction and generates a high amount of reputation in a very short time span. Question itself has ...
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Is it a NoobOverflow or everything is OK? [duplicate]

I noticed that questions on basic topics like class design, work with strings/arrays (most of them are duplicated in some way) usually get tons of attention and several answers in first ten minutes, ...
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Where's the new boatload of experts who can explain stuff to me like I'm five?

The sidebar showed me this question: So, suppose there is a list: list = ['a','b','c','d','e','a','b','c','a','b','c','d'] I want to arrange it in the following way: new_list = [['a','b','c','d','e']...
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Laziness is rewarded big time by the reputation system [duplicate]

Not a question, just an observation I made during my first year here on SE, especially Stack Overflow: When I run into a programming problem, I usually try to research a solution first, especially on ...
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Clarifying the assessment of a question when the community doesn't reach consensus

This is for discussion of the question Why is the sum of an int and a float an int? After several rounds of closing and reopening it without any clear consensus in sight, I think this should be put ...
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If it's a "famous question" with a "great answer", why can just 5 people decide to close it?

I was mightily surprised by how well my answer to this question was received: Why is '१२३' numeric?. Whilst it hasn't been closed yet, there are 3 close votes on it. It seems strange to me ...
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Why was this +23/-3 question deleted?

I noticed that a question where I had an answer was recently deleted; the question's score at time of deletion was +20, vote count +23/-3. I would really like to understand the rationale for this ...
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Is "How does Google Chrome decide what to highlight ... ?" really a high quality question, belonging on Stack Overflow?

During First Posts reviews, I got this audit question: How does Chrome decide what to highlight when you double-click Japanese text?. It is a "How does a piece of software do something" ...
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How can I get my non-trivial questions better received?

I have anecdotally noticed a trend with the questions I ask on Stack Overflow. Namely, the easier the question, the better received it is. This is something I've felt in a few ways with my questions ...
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Is the quality of 'Hot Network Questions' a concern to others?

I've noticed a trend across multiple SE sites where the 'hot questions' that appear in the right column tend to be rather poor questions for the SE site they were posted on. They are often purely ...
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Something Wrong with Google's Featured Snippets

If you search for "check c# version", the answer at the bottom with 4 downvotes is displayed as featured answer. That's ridiculous.
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Failed audit due to downvote for lack of research effort [duplicate]

I recently failed a review audit with this question: how to print 3x3 array in python? It is a well formatted question that I downvoted because it showed no research effort. I thought votes were ...

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