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How should the error message be formatted? [duplicate]

Let's say I have this error in plain text: Error in quantile.default(as.numeric(x), c(0.25, 0.75), na.rm = na.rm, : missing values and NaN's not allowed if 'na.rm' is FALSE In addition: Warning ...
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Quote Formatting Messing Up/How to Handle Format of Error Logs [duplicate]

I'm fairly confused on how I should be formatting error logs. I've been coming across lots of posts like this one, where people post the errors that they are getting, or what LogCat is throwing at ...
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Should error section be in a Blockquote or Sample Code? [duplicate]

I always edit that type of question that OP reports his/her error as a code block, and I change it to a blockquote. Am I right, or it should remain as a code block? For example this: https://...
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What is the recommended way to format the output of some code? [duplicate]

As per title, consider some code which produces some output to STDOUT, what is the recommended way of formatting it. For example, in Python, you could write: print('Hello World!') which produces ...
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How to format stack trace logs on stack overflow? [duplicate]

I am trying to share a stack trace on a question that I am asking on stack overflow. Looking around, I found these suggestions: Indent the text with four spaces, but this didn't work. Include the ...
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What kind of code format should I use for errors? [duplicate]

I was scrolling through Stack Overflow questions when I saw this one: Rscript Path Problem for exec() implementation R code in php It's a beautifully structured question, except I find the way the ...
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Should a stack trace be formatted as code or as a blockquote? [duplicate]

I asked this question How to find an (informative) stack trace of unknown exception thrown by Swing components about 10 minutes ago, and it was immediately edited because the stack trace I posted was ...
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When should we use code, quotes and bold blocks?

I've seen countless posts where using Markdown blocks has been "wacky". Many of these posts used citation blocks for error logs, for example, while others used bold or italics. Some also use ...
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Please add support for the <samp> tag

From MDN, <samp> The HTML <samp> element is an element intended to identify sample output from a computer program. It is usually displayed in the browser's default monotype font (...
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Is putting errors in block quote wrong while editing?

I am asking this question because recently one of my edits has been rejected by some users. What I have done is put all the error paragraph inside a block quote, so that it can be readable. I am not ...
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Unable to post question despite having fully properly formatted code

I'm asking a question on Stack Overflow and having my code fully formatted as they said, yet I received this error when posting it: Your post appears to contain code that is not properly formatted ...
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How can I make better edits? [duplicate]

It seems like my edit suggestions are getting rejected left and right but I'm not sure why. I work hard on each edit, trying to improve as much as possible. I take at least a couple of minutes per ...
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A convention for marking errors?

I would say extremely often, people on SO are asking about errors in their code. In fact, this happens extremely often. One thing that seems extremely variant between posts is how those errors/...
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Is it possible to add markup tags to a block quote?

Often people just include screenshots to show their errors but today I tried to edit one of those posts, and the error message contained List<T>. For the sake of simplicity let's say Error: ...
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Improve options for pending suggested edit on closed questions

The edit option on a closed question stated there were 3 options: Approve Reject Improve but the buttons seem to only be: Approve Approve Reject Does my account not have the improve option or is ...
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