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Is code optimization off topic on Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

On this question... Two sum algorithm variant - Optimization ...someone left this comment: Optimizing working code is off topic on here. This site is for fixing broken code. You can try ...
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Optimization Problems [duplicate]

There exists the case where you have code that runs well, only slow. In these cases, is it on topic to post this as a problem that seeks for a solution?
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Why are comments closed on the latest blog post?

The latest blog post has comments disabled/closed. Just curious as to if this is on purpose or an accident.
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Performance question - Stack Overflow or Code Review?

I've been working on a VBA macro that parses HTML into a an Excel sheet. The code is functional, but extremely slow (it takes roughly 20 seconds to fill 270 lines from columns B to M). Due to the code ...
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Can we close questions about negligible performance differences?

Very often we get questions about performance differences between similar ways to express the same thing, such as these two asked within 15 minutes of each other today: What is more efficient for a ...
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FAQ Index for Stack Overflow

Community FAQ (For Stack Overflow and Meta Stack Overflow) For official guidance from Stack Exchange, visit the Help Center. Stack Overflow is part of a wider network; for issues that apply to Stack ...
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What's wrong with my question? [closed]

What is wrong with my original question, I try to be direct and professional, and I get anonymous ...
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Add a close reason for half-formed profiling questions and allow for gold-badge holders to instantly close as such

We have existing precedence when it comes to profiling questions. If you have a question about the performance of your code, then you should profile it first. It should be a narrow use case which can ...
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Why is this question considered too broad?

I came across this question about pandas: Replacing loop with efficient pandas dataframe operation It applies several statistical models to a dataframe and extracts some model statistics (intercept, ...
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Large algorithm with many helper functions.. how much code should I include?

As the title suggests, I have a very large algorithm that has many helper functions that I'm trying to optimize. I've ran several profiling functions that shows me how much time is being spent in each ...
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What to do after editing to be specific my closed as too broad question?

I have had only one question so far which got one downvote and got closed as too broad. This one is an old question of mine, it also has an answer which helped me further dig into the problem and I ...
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