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Declaring a Review strike until efficiency improvements are implemented

Reviewing (together with interlinking existing content) is one of the key tasks for the SO community now that the site is past its initial growth stage. And the infamous overload of review queues and ...
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Is there too much policing on Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

I have thought of this question before but it struck me again this evening, when the system asked me to review a user's first question (Review Triage). The question was in proper English and it was ...
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A brief history of the review queue indicator and the efficacy of recent changes

Lately, we've been making adjustments to how the review queue indicator works. Sometimes when we work on some esoteric feature for a long time, we start to lose track of the ultimate goal. In this ...
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Reduce the number of votes required to close a question to 4 [duplicate]

Related (from 2009): Now that there is a League of Super Heroes should the number of votes required to close/move be reduced? Also very related (but not identical): Why are 5 close votes required? ...
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Stack Overflow questions of type 'can you recommend' are closed too often [duplicate]

By pursuing the policy of closing questions with... Questions asking us to recommend or find a book, tool, software library, tutorial or other off-site resource are off-topic for Stack Overflow ...
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Why should I bother searching for duplicates?

I'm active in javascript and associated "web development" tags. I've noticed a surge in the number of simple, oft-asked questions getting answers from relatively high-rep users (generally over the "...
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Are "what's this problem called?" questions off-topic?

Every now and then I see questions that describe a programming problem, and the asker wants to know what the name of it is, kind of like using SO as a reverse Google. For example, what they are ...
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How has the scope of Stack Overflow changed?

We have some locked posts on the site. The reason why these posts are locked is that they "are no longer on-topic but have historical significance". I guess "no longer on-topic" implies that they were ...
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Are more and more questions dismissed, answers downvoted unnecessarily?

Now, with the addition of so many sister sites, SO is becoming more and more difficult to actually ask a relevant question. I can't get an answer or discussion on anything anymore: More and more ...
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Why are there so many bad questions?

I mostly lurk here and have been browsing some of my favorite tags. What I notice is the vast majority of questions are awful. It's becoming a chore to wade through all of them because most of them ...
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A LIKE button - collecting useful feedback even from users not having account/reputation

I find a lot of answers really useful and I do use them a lot. However I don't have enough reputation (or I may not be logged in). I suspect that there must be many like me. If so, having a "Like" ...
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How many Stack Overflow accounts are banned from asking questions?

I am just curious as to how many accounts (in number or in percentage) are banned from asking questions on Stack Overflow.
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Reply to downvoter(s) [duplicate]

There is an interesting discussion about the effects of close votes - though it will be interesting to have non-closed votes I don't think is possible. But at least I would like to have an option to ...
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Should we do something about users answering closed questions in the comments?

I often see questions like this one where, despite being closed for being off topic, it gets answers in the comments section. It's almost always a recommendation question. Should I be flagging ...
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Reevaluating Software Recommendation Questions [duplicate]

The Software Recommendations Stack Exchange site is now up for a while and proves that questions for which software will fit which purpose questions can be great content. I think we should take that ...
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