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What to do with on-hold questions which gave the asker not even the slightest hint about what was wrong with their question?

When a custom close reason is used to put a question on-hold, a very undescriptive, unhelpful close reason is put in the yellow box under the question: put on hold as off-topic by [list of closers] ...
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How can I improve my self-answered question about a task involving the use of regex?

(I'm asking specifically for advice on the linked question, so this isn't a duplicate of Can a question with an accepted answer be closed as unanswerable because that answers the question more ...
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A LIKE button - collecting useful feedback even from users not having account/reputation

I find a lot of answers really useful and I do use them a lot. However I don't have enough reputation (or I may not be logged in). I suspect that there must be many like me. If so, having a "Like" ...
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