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Help us test question triage!

tl;dr: there's a new review queue. It'll be getting somewhere around 1-2 questions per minute. The only thing they have in common is that the system is unsure of what to do with them. Some are great, ...
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Thought experiment: What would happen if we didn't have close votes?

After reading "My Love-Hate Relationship with Stack Overflow: Arthur S., Arthur T., and the Soup Nazi" one of our developers wondered what would happen if we didn't have close votes. ...
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Regarding the Stack Overflow close review queue

The size of the backlog in Stack Overflow's close review queue has been an issue for a long time now: I find that having such a huge backlog, makes it very hard to properly deal with closures. What ...
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We need to improve the chances of reopening closed questions

The situation It’s a well-known fact that closed questions tend to stay closed. This makes sense: most questions are closed for a good reason. But sometimes the asker puts in the work, edits the ...
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Enough fuzzying: let's let everything into the close queue and age out questions that don't reach a threshold

We've just about hit equilibrium here: Fuzzy the number of questions in the close review queue, a dopamine for the shutterers The number of questions in the queue is falling slowly, but I don't think ...
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Why are people so fast hitting the downvote or close button on certain questions? [duplicate]

In some cases for me it seems like downvotes and the closure of a question (the latter is the more harsh thing to happen) come just too fast for certain types of questions where a little understanding ...
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How to handle question in the reopen queue that I voted to close?

When working the reopen queue, I sometimes come across a question that I had originally voted to close. If the question is on the reopen queue because someone else voted to reopen, I will review any ...
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Question should not have been closed [closed]

This question was recently closed for being unclear. I think the question was perfectly clear even before the edit. In fact, the question was put on hold very quickly without so much as a comment ...
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How to check the amount of questions get reopened via the reopen queue

Is there a way to check the amount of questions on Stack Overflow that actually has been reopened by users' reopen votes? I didn't find the right field to query with on
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How can we make a question closure feel less like an attack?

Update: Honestly, I don't understand all the downvotes. It must mean that people on Meta here don't want to talk about this issue anymore. Do people think the problem is solved? Yes there are many bad ...
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Should edits not be put on the reopen queue immediately?

I asked a question (here) that was correctly put on hold. I edited the question, but realized it really needed more work and edited it multiple times. I was thinking I had five days to fix it and at ...
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