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What to do when a complicated question is answered with `print("Hello World")`? [duplicate]

The question was "Handling two incoming data streams and combining them in python?". And the answer at the time of positing is: print("hello world ") i guess that might help This ...
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Low-rep flagging answer for deletion [duplicate]

I recently raised a Not An Answer flag on an old answer that had nothing to do with the question (or the question in its revision history, I checked). My flag was: declined - flags should not be ...
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Is an answer to a different question still an answer? [duplicate]

I flagged this answer as not an answer because it wasn't answering the actual question that was asked. The flag was declined for "flags should not be used to indicate technical inaccuracies, or an ...
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Why are we supposed to let incorrect answers stick around?

There has been a lot of noise recently about bad answers and people incorrectly flagging them for removal and a wave of responses saying "use your downvotes, idiot. Flags aren't for wrong answers!". ...
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Why was this 'not an answer' flag declined?

Sorry mods, another one of those "a one liner isn't enough of an explanation and I can't fit all of this in another flag" posts. So... What issues should be considered when overriding equals and ...
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If the question is specifically about a certain language, is an answer in another language valid? [duplicate]

Recently, I came across this question asking about collecting a list into sublists in Scheme. The OP received a very comprehensive answer, which was accepted. However, another answer was posted in a ...
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Q. "How to do X fast?" A. "Fast code isn't important."

The question C/C++ fastest cmath log operation is about how to do the log operation faster than naïve. The second-highest voted "answer" is just How about this: write the code so it's readable and ...
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Question Close Reasons project - Introduction and Feedback

A few weeks after I joined Stack Overflow, I was given a project by my manager, Cesar, called “Question Close Reasons.” In short, the project was to create a community-wiki post on Meta Stack Overflow ...
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Can we have the NAA flag description changed?

As many of you know we have a lot of issues with the NAA flag in terms of its usage, and on a weekly basis we get an inordinate number of questions regarding it as opposed to questions regarding the ...
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How to mark an answer as "It doesn't answer the question that was asked?"

Is there any other way apart from Vote Down to mark an Answer as not an answer to the specific question? There could be cases where the person who posted the answer has misunderstood the question or ...
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Should the "Not an answer" flag be split in two?

Been reading a suggested wording change to the "not an answer" flag and related meta discussions (there are a lot). It's obvious that there are two camps on this issue, each with a lot of voices. One ...
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Saying "thank you" is not NAA anymore?

I raised an NAA flag on this answer Answer to: Blank space appearing at bottom of all webpages in Google Chrome on iOS [closed] which got declined. As I explained in my comment underneath the post, ...
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Is "look into x" an acceptable answer?

Recently I flagged this answer as Not an Answer, but it was declined mentioning that flags should not be used to indicate technical inaccuracies, or an altogether wrong answer. The answer contains ...
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Can we add 'off topic' to the list of answer flags?

This is a continuation of this question however, the proposal is slightly different: (Edit: as pointed out by @Braiam the off-topic description in the image is too exclusive due to the mention of ...
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How do I handle "it's working" answers?

On questions, where the code provided by the OP is supposed to work, I tend to leave a comment saying that the code is working and we need more details to reproduce the problem. Leaving a comment ...
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