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Race condition issue in review window? "This edit conflicted with a subsequent edit" [duplicate]

I just tried to edit this question by deleting the unrelated machine-learning tag used there. The edit got rejected almost instantly because Community edited in a different tag instead of just ...
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Community edit rejection, what does second editor see [duplicate]

I got a community edit reject, and I was wondering why the edit that rejected mine didn't include some (or all) of the changes I made. What does a high rep user see when he tries to edit a post with ...
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Edit hijacking: Do we care? [duplicate]

I recently editted a question, and will admit it was minor in the sense that I helped to format some code and text, as well as clarifying the question in general. I had come back to the question not ...
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My post edit rejected after 3 hours by Community♦ as conflicted with a subsequent edit [duplicate]

I have edited this post to improve formatting at 2016-10-12 14:34:04Z and that was rejected after 3 hours (2016-10-12 17:23:50Z) by Community♦ as conflicted with a subsequent edit. See my edit status ...
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Post modified by me, but it didn't mention me as modifier [duplicate]

Something weird happened to me. I modified a question and the modifications applied, but the system didn't mention that the question was modified by me. It didn't even mention that the question was ...
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Edit conflicted with a subsequent edit [duplicate]

I was on Stack Overflow, and I was editing a post of a user. I got this error: I did my research before I posted this question. To get this error, your edit was entered before a user with 2k+ ...
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Rejected edit for edition of lower quality [duplicate]

I found my edit to a question to be anonymously rejected with the explanation «This edit conflicted with a subsequent edit». I became curious of how better the another edit that it was preferred over ...
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Edit ban because of Community rejections

Whenever I edit a post, a warning shows up: Attention! Some of your previous edits were rejected. While reasonable edits may be rejected for many reasons outside of your control, you should review ...
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Edit conflicts should categorize as "cancelled" instead of "rejected"

The Situation For those of us with <2k reputation, it can be tough to see your diligently submitted edit get rejected for this reason: "This edit conflicted with a subsequent edit." The thing ...
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Why is "Edit Questions And Answers" privilege based on reputation points? [duplicate]

Why is the Editing Questions And Answers privilege based on reputation points? The reason I am asking this question is because when someone gains this privilege, he/she also gains the privilege to ...
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Edit rejected but question is updated with my edit: This edit conflicted with a subsequent edit [duplicate]

The rejected edit is from this question: How do I save the text that the user enters into a UITextView. I edited this question to improve its formatting, readability, tags, and changed some of the ...
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Why I am getting "This edit conflicted with a subsequent edit" but there doesn't seem to be any merge conflict?

I have read the question about why this is shown and according to the answer: Someone else edited the question already, and did so in a way that touches the same lines yours does. Its a merge ...
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