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Is it abuse to answer then dupe-hammer a question? [duplicate]

I recently came across this answer in the Reopen Queue. A gold badge holder answered the question (which went on to be accepted and gain a lot of upvotes), then exactly one minute later dupe-hammered ...
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What should you do when you realize you have answered a duplicate question?

I have a question about best current practices regarding a situation where one first answers a question and then later realizes the question is a duplicate. As a concrete example, I answered a ...
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Dupe closed question is reopened, then answered and closed again as a different dupe by a gold badge holder

I recently came across a common "how do I split a string on x but not if the x is in quotes" type question that a couple of people had suggested were duplicates of a state machine parsing/...
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Should users be permitted to both answer and close a question?

I just read Answering a question, then closing it as duplicate and the following question occurred to me: Should it be permitted for users to both: answer the question cast a close vote All close ...
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Let's make it okay to answer THEN mark a question as a duplicate without closing the page. Let me explain how/why

This is not a rhetorical rant, this is an earnest scream for reform. Sorry, I tried to make this as short as possible, but it is kind of a complex change that I am suggesting. I probably left out ...
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Closing a question after answering and being downvoted [duplicate]

On this particular question I saw a behavior that although it wasn't inherently and obviously bad, looked slightly fishy to me and wanted to know if there was some sort of policy or community-adopted ...
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This answer was posted *after* the question was closed, how is that possible?

How can somebody post an answer when the question is closed (marked as duplicate)? I see a question marked as duplicate 8 mins ago and someone posted an answer 5 min ago. This means the answer was ...
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Is there any guideline on dup hammering questions that already have answers?

Is there any guideline on dup hammering questions that were already answered? When there is no answer yet, then it's pretty clear that the question should be closed. But how about situations where ...
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Is it bad form to answer a question and mark it as duplicate? [duplicate]

I just noticed myself answering a question, then someone suggested a duplicate, so I Gold badge'd it. This kind of a feels a little sticky. Should I have: Deleted my answer? Have looked harder ...
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How to resolve: User with gold badge: Answers question, marks question as duplicate. Marked question has no bearing on question asked [duplicate]

In the past I tended to dedicate myself to one tag. That tag is not served by many users so one users bad behavior has an impact on that community as a whole. Their behavior is this (lets call this ...
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Answering a question, then closing an older question as a duplicate of it [duplicate]

When is it acceptable to close a question as a duplicate of a newer one that you have just answered? Here is a concrete example, for the sake of motivation. I had answered this recent question, only ...
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How should you treat an answer on question that is a duplicate? [duplicate]

If a question is similar to any other post, we mark it as duplicate and close it. I have refered Answering a question, then closing it as duplicate, and even I agree that we should not answer a ...
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Mjölnir: use guide

I recently gained the Java tag gold badge and with it, the Mjölnir (privilege of closing questions as duplicate with my single vote). This actually seems a great power which comes (I'm sure you know :...
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Is it acceptable to answer a question and flag it as a duplicate at the same time? [duplicate]

Sometimes someone asks a question that is answered more generally in a duplicate question. So I will usually flag it and leave a comment saying how they can use the answer from the duplicate question ...
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Why was this tagged duplicate and answered by same user?

This question was closed as duplicate & answered by same user? Why? That too a user with 136K reps?? Define variables in switch Don't duplicates mean answer is already there? Plus he has just ...

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