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Move sample public links to a Stack Overflow public repository

It is quite common that people share public link for Excel and Google Spreadsheet sample files. It is very handy to facilitate people trying to help to be able very easy to reproduce the sample and to ...
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When is it OK to upload images of code/data/errors? [duplicate]

When is it OK to upload images of code/data/errors? – If your answer is never, can we please talk about it? Don't get me wrong. I don't endorse uploading code/text in an image instead of uploading ...
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Can I upload videos when I upload posts in Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

I would like to upload a recorded video about the my problem coding when I upload the question post. How do I upload an video in this post? Should I upload the video to another site and bring its link?...
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How can we prevent or discourage people from closing questions about which they know little or nothing? [duplicate]

There is not a week that goes by that I do not see a question that was closed for "This question needs details or clarity" and yet the question is perfectly clear to me. My hypothesis is ...
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Question sabotage?

My question keeps getting closed, again and again: Firebase Notifications targeting Android phone fail to show in system tray I believe it's a pretty valid question and other community members couldn'...
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Why do I constantly keep getting downvoted and my questions get closed because they "need debugging details"? [duplicate]

I know there will be some people who will rush to say "Well, obviously your question is unclear" and my answer to them would not be very polite. That is because I have posted 4-5 questions ...
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Do you agree that questions/answers on Stack Overflow should be included in code blocks as comments instead of long explanations?

What people usually do is to to write explanations of their problem outside of code blocks, but it would be shorter and clearer to write the problem settings as comments in the code block. Here are ...
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