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What to do with questions supplying images instead of code snippet [duplicate]

I see a lot questions nowadays featuring image links when with a simple copy-paste would be enough to get the code snippet as text. Is there a sanction for this kind of use? Note: I am cool with the ...
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Move sample public links to a Stack Overflow public repository

It is quite common that people share public link for Excel and Google Spreadsheet sample files. It is very handy to facilitate people trying to help to be able very easy to reproduce the sample and to ...
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How can I get a chance to ask question rights in Stack Overflow after being banned? [duplicate]

Consider: I like Stack Overflow. And I post a question about not writing code, but just some programming language syntax. So I get six downvotes. My horrible mistake. I have received all my fault. ...
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Table formatted correctly in preview, but not when question is posted [duplicate]

There appears to be a slight inconsistency in the rendering of tables in Markdown. If a table isn't preceded by an empty line, then the table is rendered properly in the draft editor, but not when the ...
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How can one upload an image file larger than 2MB in size to Stack Overflow?

I am not able to upload an image file larger than 2MB in size. How can that be done?
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How can we prevent or discourage people from closing questions about which they know little or nothing? [duplicate]

There is not a week that goes by that I do not see a question that was closed for "This question needs details or clarity" and yet the question is perfectly clear to me. My hypothesis is ...
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An editor rolled back my rollback on my question. What should I do?

A little more than two weeks ago, I posted '6 high severity vulnerabilities' in a fresh Create React App. Here is revision 1 of my question. And for your convenience, here is the Markdown ...
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