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How can I improve my question to remove a question ban?

I run into a "circular reference" problem with my question: original question I don’t have any idea how to be more specific on the problem (how to generate the list of the quarters of the ...
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Images as overlay

It bothers me that, whenever I click on an image inside a post, I get redirected to the site where the image is hosted (Imgur in this case). Can we make it so images are shown as an overlay in the ...
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Encourage people to post an image as an image rather than [enter image descriptions here] [closed]

Does SO really encourage people to post an image as an image rather than [enter image description here][1]? Since, I have stated answering questions on Stack Overflow, I think I have edited most of ...
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Review suspension for using "requires editing" after edit has been made [duplicate]

I got a review suspension because I voted for "Requires Editing" on triage/26950302. Conclusion: Thanks for the answer. I now understand it is really "forbidden" and not just ...
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What flag should I use for questions having a link to a photo of the real question? [duplicate]

Time and again, I come across questions like this. What I do not understand is which flag am I supposed to use. I usually go with very low quality, and at times it gets accepted too (I guess that ...
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What are the rules regarding what a new asker can post? [closed]

I'm referring specifically to somebody with very low rep, say 1, 2, or 3. How much code can they post, and how big can a question be? If too big, is it OK to post a link to the code somewhere? If so, ...
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What’s would have been the correct choice for this "Suggested Edit"? [duplicate]

Here is a link to the single review that I recently approved that has led to me being suspended from the Review Queues: Review 31768292. In summary the aforementioned "Suggested Edit" ...
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What type of closure should we vote for questions containing code images? [duplicate]

There are many questions that contain code images instead of code in textual code-block form. I want to vote to close it. However, I don't know which type of close I should vote for. Is this what I ...
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Banned from asking question in Stack Overflow indefinitely [duplicate]

I was told that I could not post questions on the Stack Overflow site, and I tried my best to edit my previous question, which was not good enough. But still, I am banned from asking questions. Does ...
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Flagging of badly asked questions in the triage queue

While reviewing questions in the triage queue, I sometimes see questions that are downvoted and not answered because the question is badly asked. For example, a question with not much text and lots of ...
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What to do with questions supplying images instead of code snippet [duplicate]

I see a lot questions nowadays featuring image links when with a simple copy-paste would be enough to get the code snippet as text. Is there a sanction for this kind of use? Note: I am cool with the ...
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Can I upload videos when I upload posts in Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

I would like to upload a recorded video about the my problem coding when I upload the question post. How do I upload an video in this post? Should I upload the video to another site and bring its link?...
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Move sample public links to a Stack Overflow public repository

It is quite common that people share public link for Excel and Google Spreadsheet sample files. It is very handy to facilitate people trying to help to be able very easy to reproduce the sample and to ...
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Table formatted correctly in preview, but not when question is posted [duplicate]

There appears to be a slight inconsistency in the rendering of tables in Markdown. If a table isn't preceded by an empty line, then the table is rendered properly in the draft editor, but not when the ...
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How can one upload an image file larger than 2MB in size to Stack Overflow?

I am not able to upload an image file larger than 2MB in size. How can that be done?
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