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How should I flag an image-only question? [duplicate]

While reviewing my triage queue I'm getting lots of questions where code is posted as an image and not as text. My question is: how do I flag those questions? To me the most appropriate way is ...
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Should we point new users to recent SO blog posts and podcasts episodes that mentions entities that help people to learn to code?

Some recent blog posts and podcast episodes mention entities that help people to learn to code or improve their programming skills. Should we point new users to this content or other content more ...
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How to retrieve a question in which I only know an image posted in the question

I am trying to retrieve a specific question probably posted on Mathematics, Stack Overflow, or Cross Validated. I don't know the title, nor the content of the question. I only know the name of the ...
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Why was my flag disputed for what I felt to be a low-quality question? [duplicate]

I flagged Make tagging based on @user(deleted), but the flag was later disputed. I have I flagged other similar questions (contained images of code instead of code, had comments requesting the code as ...
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Can you embed a StackBlitz environment in a Stack Overflow question? Should you?

I've seen a lot of questions about embedding Stack Overflow questions on other websites, but I'm thinking the other way around. Is it possible to embed, say, a StackBlitz instance inside a question, ...
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Should FAQ questions use consistent terminology & formatting for canonical link/quick link?

I noticed that five of the pages in FAQ Index for Stack Overflow have an inline code block link to itself at the bottom of the question: Why not upload images of code/errors when asking a question? ...
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Should "Why not upload images of code on SO when asking a question?" be a FAQ?

It seems like Why not upload images of code on SO when asking a question? is now the de facto standard reference post on the topic. This hasn't actually been proposed as a FAQ, but can it be promoted ...
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Question is not viewed for about 8 hours [closed]

I guess I was chosen to be a part of testing Staging Ground. But my question has not been viewed for moderation for about 8 hours. I'd be happy to test new features, but I'd like to have an answer to ...
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Is it possible to use colours in a code block? [duplicate]

In this question, I mention something which does not work in a code block. For readability reasons, I'd like to put this in red colour (either the font of the background). I don't mean the entire code ...
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Should the Help Centre link to specific Meta questions that provide additional context and clarity on the rules?

I got to reading the Help Centre today, in particular this page, and was once again horrified by how little information users are given there in order to ask good questions. In particular, while the &...
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Streamlining the MRE page

I rarely link to the MRE page to an experienced programmer (even if that happens from time to time), so I think it's important that the page is as concise and simple as possible. Shortening it will ...
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What can I improve about my question to ensure it is on-topic and meets the guidelines?

I created a question that was closed and downvoted. The closure reason states: This question needs debugging details. It is not currently accepting answers Edit the question to include desired ...
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Do answers that post only, but obvious, code screenshots deserve to be deleted?

I recently stumbled upon this answer: The (self) answer makes it pretty clear what the problem was. I'd even argue that the actual source code is not ...
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Add "Contains image of code" feedback in First Questions Queue

A common mistake by new users is to include links to images of code or error messages, and I often see other comments with the canonical link "Please do not upload images of code/data/errors when ...
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Allowing low rep users to post inlined images certainly isn't an improvement. Roll back please!

It seems that the minimum 10 points rep restriction for posting inlined images recently was removed. Example: someone can help me, I don't understand my mistake? Showing those mostly useless ...
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