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Is there any "corrective pressure" on people who close-vote wrongly?

Problem Statement: Each time someone makes a bad close vote, 3 people spend their time - waste their time - to reject it. I'm not aware of any "corrective pressure" in this situation - I ...
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50 close votes are not enough for my moderation activities [duplicate]

This is not me asking for more than 40 close reviews per day. Nor am I asking to change the way close votes are handled. These issue have been touched on time and time again. I'm here to present a ...
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Tightly locked CV count encourages undue leniency in other queues

Since the CVs and Reviews have been increased to 60, and even before that, when I review close votes early and then go on to first posts / triage, I often cannot complete the review queues well and ...
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Looking for some statistics about users who regularly bump into close votes limit

I would want to learn more about folks who regularly (say, 20-25% of total days visited last year) cast 47-50 close votes a day. (Number 47 above was picked because at one of related discussions some ...
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How can I actively cast close votes in and out of review queues simultaneously?

This concerns has kept bugging me for a while, but it became even more apparent with the introduction of the Triage review queue. The long story short, I cannot reasonably help with the review queues ...
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What could be done about low quality, highly visited questions?

I recently looked at the correlation of question score and question visits of non-closed, non-deleted questions. This is the 2D histogram (obtained via a data explorer query) with a logarithmic scale ...
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When did Stack Overflow get an extra ten close votes? [duplicate]

This isn't a bug (far from it), but I was delighted to see that we now have 60 close votes to deal with closure. When did this happen? All the Help Center says is, "You now have 60." That makes it ...
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Is it appropriate to use flags when you run out of close votes [duplicate]

This is related to We need more close votes! question but as the limit has not increased I want to know if it's appropriate to start using flags to close a question when you run out of close votes? ...
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Gold badges for review tasks should confer extra close votes

I originally suggested this idea in an answer to this question: We need more close votes! Also related: Why is the close queue so much more full than other queues? My other proposal on the topic of ...
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Don't use up flags for review tasks [duplicate]

Starting off, this is me stating my opinion. I'm not saying it has to be this way, SO is a grown platform adjusted by experience and I'm a new member probably not getting some things yet. To the ...
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