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Should an old question be edited to use a newer programming language (Objective-C replaced by Swift)?

The Swift programming language was introduced by Apple on the occasion of the WWDC in June 2014. Since then, the swift tag has become quite active (> 24.000 questions as of now). Out of curiosity, I ...
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Answers that use a different technology than what is asked

On occasion on SO, I've noticed that certain users like to post answers that may solve the problem, but intentionally do it with a methodology that's different from the one specified in the OP and/or ...
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Why do Swift questions on Stack Overflow get marked as duplicates of Objective-C questions?

Why do Swift questions get marked as duplicates of Objective-C questions? Swift is attractive to new developers. A new developer may not be at a level to understand Objective-C syntax and may be ...
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Are new Swift answers on old Objective-C questions beneficial?

While I am using this specific answer as an example, I am asking this in a broader sense. I tend to find Swift answers added to old Objective-C questions very often when searching for solutions on ...
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Are the only tags allowed those that the author "could have intended"?

I answered a question which was written when Objective-C was the only way to make iOS apps. The answer uses Swift. I received a down vote, because "Swift answer for 4 year old question tagged Obj-...
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How should we handle answers in a programming language other than what the OP requested?

I have found that some users like to contribute by answering questions in (programming) languages other than the one the OP was working in. These answers are usually accompanied by some commentary ...
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Is it acceptable to copy old Objective-C answers just to rewrite them in Swift?

I recently saw a lot of very old questions tagged Objective-C receiving new attention: new answers in Swift have been added. But these answers aren't actually new; they are just old answers being ...
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Answer edited by a "fan" to include more code

If you look at the revisions for this answer, it has been edited, adding another big block of code with the edit summary "Edited by fan of the answer ...". I guess this would be okay if it was a ...
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Answer for a different version of language than the version used by the OP

I saw this question today. This asks a question about javascript prototypes. then there is this answer. The answer is really good, just that it targets ecma-script-6 standard which is not yet released,...
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Is it a good practice to translate Objective-C answers to Swift?

I often see Stack Overflow answers which are written in Objective-C when I search stuff about iOS on Google. Every time that happens, I really want to edit the answer to provide a Swift translation ...
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Misuse of language tags (here: Objective-C)

I searched for a Q to this topic, but didn't found one. I'm surprised about that, so mark this Q as duplicate, if I failed to find it. Many questions are tagged with a language tag, even the question ...
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Should [swift] and [objective-c] tags never be used together?

I recently asked a question using the tags ios objective-c swift textkit However, the objective-c and swift tags were edited out. I'm fine with that because I can see how the ios tag covers them both ...
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Tagging [swift]/[objective-c] for framework/language-agnostic related questions

I recently edited a question on the basis of thinking that consensus was framework/language-agnostic questions should not include tags for unrelated things such as language, IDE, etc. It was pointed ...
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Post an answer that is an adaptation/translation of another answer?

This question: How to read Finder icons (left source list) on OS X using Swift received an awesome answer in Objective-C by @ken-thomases. When I wanted to use it in Swift I realized it wasn't a ...
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Should we change the tag excerpts for Swift and Objective-C?

As there accrue more and more answers to iOS/OS X related questions in either the objective-c or swift language, I for one would like to distuinguish between questions in either language. And, for me ...
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