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Implement the ability to retract approval of an edit [duplicate]

Sometimes I click the wrong thing. Sometimes I change my mind. We can retract upvotes, downvotes, comment votes, close votes, flags, comments, questions, and answers. I'd also like the ability to ...
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How to make my own edit after I rejected an suggested edit? [duplicate]

When I view a question, sometimes I want to edit it. But if someone already suggested an edit to this question, click the edit link will ask me to review the edit. But this time the edit is bad so I ...
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Undo a "Reject" on a suggested edit [duplicate]

I saw that a question had a pending edit, but the edit made no improvement whatsoever. So I clicked "Reject", at the same time I realised that the question did actually need some editing. I should ...
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Why can't I approve suggested edits single-handedly?

When an edit has been suggested on a question by an SO user with low rep, if I go to approve it (assuming I'm the first to do so) there's still a requirement for further approval. Why is this needed? ...
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Proposal: let experienced users approve edits when they view the question first

This is a follow-on to Why can't I approve suggested edits single-handedly? One of the ideas which came up there, which I also independently want, is to let experienced users (high rep, long time ...
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Questionable edits: Can I do something proactive instead of waiting for their robo-approval and rolling back?

I'm tired of bad editors and bad reviewers, but the worst is when after having successfully edited a post, I see a new crappy suggested edit enqueued and I have to wait for it to be robo-approved in ...
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Can edits we approve be displayed to us?

It's not uncommon to see someone ask a question where the code is poorly formatted, and I'd like to fix it before trying to diagnose the problem. Usually when I see that, I just edit it so that it's ...
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High-rep edit approvals from outside the edit queue

From time to time, I'll read a question, and realize that it needs some specific edit (most commonly, reformatting the title). I'll notice a pending edit on the question, and whaddayaknow, it's ...
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edit questions with pending edit reviews [duplicate]

I have permissions to edit a question without peer review. If a question has been edited by a member whose edits need to be peer reviewed, I see the "Edit (1)" and I can click it and approve the edit....
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It's clearly impossible to retag this question [duplicate] Add PHP, remove Javascript. Can't make edit as too few changes. Okay, so I'll add PHP ...
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edit approvals kind of messed up [duplicate]

At around 2k reputation points we obtain the privilege to edit questions and answers, and our edits are visible immediately. That's cool. I have 14k reputation, so I have been enjoying this ...
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Seeing the post-edit version of a post, when you've voted to approve the edit

After you suggest an edit (on a site where you don't have enough reputation to just make it unilaterally), you get to see the post in its edited form (with a little notice-box that it's still visible ...
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Can I see an edit after I approve it? [duplicate]

When users with less than 2000 rep edit a post, they get to see the edited version of the post with a notice below it saying something like: "The edit still needs x reviews until it's approved".* ...
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