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Shouldn't there be a rule to apply bounty "only on question having no close votes"? [duplicate]

See this question, Android slide over letters to create a word Here, the OP is indirectly asking to give him code for whole app/feature. Also, that question has already received two close votes, and ...
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Create Closing Flag for Question that has Open Bounty [duplicate]

This question is off topic for Stack Overflow. It does not have anything to do with programming and would be better suited for Maths Stack Exchange. I was wondering Am I correct in my assumption ...
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Why are flags not allowed on questions with bounties? [duplicate]

Flags are not allowed on questions with bounties. This allows high-reputation question owners to stop their question from being closed or deleted when in some cases the questions aren't clear, or are ...
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Why can't I flag a question with open bounty as duplicate? [duplicate]

It is impossible to flag question with open bounties, and I have a vague understanding why this rule is around in general. However, I have seen quite a few users using a bounty as way to shield their ...
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Is it possible to close question with a bounty? [duplicate]

I just read this question, which is completely off-topic, was self-answered and there's an active bounty by the OP. The question already has 3 close votes and we should be allowed to close it, ...
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piggy backing multiple questions onto one with bounty [duplicate]

So, this question was asked on September 19, then a few days later it was edited to piggy-back another question into it, and a +50 bounty was opened on it. The bounty ends in a few hours. (It is a ...
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What differentiates this from a "write my software for me" question?

I found this question in the featured tab. It reads to me as Here is my current minimal code <251 lines of poorly commented code> Please make this fast and correct for big inputs. I ...
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How can I close a question that has an active bounty?

This question seems (to me) massively, overly broad Dynamic UserControls within ASP.NET Wizard. But I can't close it as because it has an active bounty. What should be done? Does the posting of the ...
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Make attempted close votes on off-topic/unanswerable bounty questions raise a separate kind of moderator flag

As we know questions with bounties on them can't be closed unless they are flagged for mod attention. The rationale seems to be that bounties can only be offered for questions at least two days old (...
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How to handle low quality questions with bounty? [duplicate]

This is not a very severe problem but it is for sure a recurring theme. I have the impression that low quality questions are handled completely differently when bountied. Questions, that otherwise ...
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Why should offering a bounty prevent closure? [duplicate]

It appears that you're not allowed to flag a question as off-topic (or even to migrate to a different site) if there is an open bounty on it (for example, I believe this question would be better ...
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