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How to write a query for the Stack Exchange Data Explorer [duplicate]

I'd like to write a query in the Stack Exchange Data Explorer for the Cross Validated site, which returns me the Question and Answers on Cross Validated by month and by tag, for the 10 tags which ...
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Should we use “Any kind of help will be appreciable” in a question? [duplicate]

Many people write Any kind of help will be appreciable in their questions. Is this allowable according to Stack Overflow policies and community? Should we remove this phrase from the question?
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Is it okay for students to ask Stack Overflow to do their homework? [duplicate]

I think it is good learning for them. But what do you think?
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Precise definition of off-topic subjects & close-happy problems [duplicate]

I see more and more closed questions, without any clear explanation - or maybe there are now so many rules that it's becoming impossible to ask a question. As an example: I need to write a demo ...
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How can I get my question about data compression in Python reopened? [duplicate]

So I asked what I thought was a pretty basic and straightforward question about how to do something in Python. That led to someone(s) closing my question saying it was a "how do I do this?" ...
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What should I do with this user's debugging questions? [duplicate]

In the tag I'm active on I've seen an user post 10 questions the last 4 days and 8 of these questions are all the same format "I have this problem, here's my code: *code dump*. Basically using ...
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Is my grammar not clear enough? [duplicate]

I tried to post this as a question on Stack Overflow: I am developing a web application using it i want to send a text message to a mobile.please help me with some example. but got the ...
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May I ask for tips? [duplicate]

I have a piece of JavaScript code I want to ask advice on. I want to know if I may post a question on the main site, asking for tips on a piece of code I have written. I don't want the answer, just ...
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Why was this question closed as not a real question? [duplicate]

This question was closed: create unique verification link in email? . But "Is this possible?" is a real question (though the answer is obvious if anyone's used any web app at all :-), and asking for ...
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What can you do when your question gets downvoted? [duplicate]

I had a question that started to get a few downvotes immediately after posting. I went to delete it, but got a message that said if I delete to many questions, I'll get a question ban... But if I don'...
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Advice for improving chances of reopening of my question about XML processing [duplicate]

How to programmatically fix an XML document based on maxLength restrictions in the schema Immediately after posting and receiving down- and close-votes, I edited the question to provide focus, ...
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What closure reason should be used for no-effort questions? [duplicate]

Example: I need to merge two arrays putting three elements from the first array and one element from the other one, each time until the end of both, but ...
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Under what circumstances may I add "urgent" or other similar phrases to my question, in order to obtain faster answers?

We often have people desiring speedy answers to a question, and they will add phrases intended to elicit solutions quickly. For example: This is urgent for me Please reply ASAP! I am under a tight ...
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The life of answering questions on Stack Overflow

You may have noticed recent discussions regarding how best to improve the signal-to-noise ratio, reducing or suppressing low-quality posts from less-invested persons trying to avoid work, and ...
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We-are-not-a-code-writing-service comments. Are they the good, the bad, or the ugly?

There's a lot of "We are not a code writing service" comments being flagged. The flag rate for them is increasing and there's now some custom flags complaining about users who write this in their ...
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