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Cut in the Jon Skeet's profile view [duplicate]

Just came across Jon Skeet's one of answers, where I saw cut in his profile view. His badges are getting cut at 100% zoom but it's clearly visible with 110% zoom level. 100% Zoom : 110% Zoom :
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What's the minimum level of effort required to achieve the Jon-Skeet-Chrome-Bug? [duplicate]

Hilariously, Jon Skeet has got such an unprecedented level of awesomeness that his in-line profile preview seems to overflow in my (1920px wide) monitor!! It seems like he only has a rather pathetic ...
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User badges not being displayed correctly [duplicate]

I've realised the user badges are not being displayed as correctly. As you can see from the above image the bronze badge count doesn't display fully. The correct badge numbers should be
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Overflow on question/answer signatures [duplicate]

As you can see, the bronze badges section in the signature exceeds the its own area and is overflowed. You may wanna check the div.user-info Original question where I noticed this: Link
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Badge counts are cropped when there are too many badges [duplicate]

My issue is this: Jon Skeet's 6715 bronze badges are shown as 671, and part of the 5 is cut off. It seems that for someone of Jon Skeet's stature, the badge numbers get cut off since the user profile ...
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Minor Display Bug for Many Badges [duplicate]

It looks like there's a small display overlap issue when a user has many badges. It's a rare edge case, and you can guess who exposes it :) For reference this is in Chrome (Version 43.0.2357.130 m) ...
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Jon Skeet has too many badges!

Again, as our lord achieves 800k rep, and another swath of badges, He again has too many badges to fit the profile box. We must extend it. (again) Example from Why is subtracting these two times (in ...
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Jon Skeet's badges have broken the CSS again [duplicate]

A picture says a thousand words: It is not the first time Jon Skeet broke the CSS. I see two solutions: We can adjust the size of the profile box, so we have no line break. There is more than enough ...
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User profile badge text wrapping issue

I was browsing a question which was answered by Jon Skeet when I noticed this: The container which consists of the reputation and badges appears to not be large enough to fit everything in there. It ...
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Jon Skeet's reputation +51 in a day he got enough votes to reach at least 200? [closed]

Going through the User Reputation League for this week I got surprised that Jon Skeet wasn't on the first page. Then I noticed that Jon Skeet's reputation graph shows a rather strange situation: he ...
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Jon Skeet has too many badges again! [duplicate]

I was wondering if there was a /dev/null equivalent on Windows. On that answer, Jon Skeet's badges overflow. This also happens with @MarcGravell, and a lot of other high-rep users. This was fixed, ...
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User badge display is cut off on answers (again)

This same issue came up in January and was marked as status-completed in February, but I noticed today that it's back again (in some browsers): It's not as bad as it was, but maybe the width needs ...
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