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Why is this considered a good question? [duplicate]

I just came across this question in a review queue. What first tipped me off was that the question in the title "How long does stack keep the packages in its cache?" has nothing to do with the ...
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There is no shame in using "Skip"

Is there a way to encourage reviewers - especially new ones - to use "Skip" button when they are hesitant and not 100% sure what to do? For example, this edit was approved, although it is 100% ...
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I do not understand why I failed this audit

Whilst reviewing over on Stack Overflow I got the following question How to get source code from installed app on the android phone? I mistakenly formated my WD hard disk.And I lost all my project ...
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Why was my clarification of the answerer's code rejected?

I proposed an edit clarifying why the code in the answer worked. I also added a note about an edge case that would cause the answer to fail, which seems to me to be adding valuable information to the ...
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Can a question with an accepted answer be closed as unanswerable

Some of the close reasons essentially assert that providing an answer for a question, within the format of SO, is impossible. Those are the close reasons of unclear what you are asking, lacks ...
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Should I amend or add an answer?

This answer does not work on the FreeBSD system I use. However I think it was written on a Linux system, since FreeBSD xargs does not offer the -l switch (deprecated, by the way). Actually I tested ...
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Is the reopen audit 23084722 correct? There isn't even a question there

I have a question about a reopen challenge that I failed. The question was supposedly closed as opinion based. It is The audit says I should have ...
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Another (Bogus?) Audit

I got served with this audit today in the close vote queue. Apparently the action it wanted me to pick was "Leave open" I was not review banned for failing this, but lacking a process to dispute ...
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How to dispute a review audit

I have just had a review audit failure with How can I reduce the number of arguments I have to pass around in Haskell?. It may have the basis of a good question but as written it is seeking opinions ...
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Is this a good reopen queue audit?

I recently came across this audit in the reopen queue and failed it. It seems to me that the question is too broad for SO. While it is about a particular topic, it asks 20 different questions within ...
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Is it relatively more difficult to get an answer to Ruby questions?

I used to do .NET development, and whenever I asked a question, I got a pretty good answer pretty quickly. Lately, I stopped using .NET, and I am doing Ruby and Rails development. Most of the time, ...
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How to remove a question from an audit

I recently stumbled upon an audit question that might qualify for being too broad, IMO. I tapped "Close", but fortunately the randomly selected "close" reason indicated me that it could be an audit, ...
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Dear Meta, why are you sacralizing** all answers?

This is a critic for all meta users that for some reason or other rejects the notion that "code" in answers can be edited to make improvements or small fixes that keeps them up-to-date. TL;dr: can we ...
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