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What should I do when I see a question asking for the solution to homework? [duplicate]

Very recently (as in seconds ago) I saw this question. The question, if it gets deleted, spelled out a problem, and asked for the solution. I understand that it's (or used to be) perfectly acceptable ...
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Why are Stack Overflow users more passionate about Stack Overflow than helping people?

@Sayse Why is it that Stackoverflow users are more passionate about stackoverflow than helping people? ....... It's a very simple answer. So the above (shortened for meta) comment is what was waiting ...
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A welcoming way to winnow out the "dumb" questions

Dumb questions. We have all seen them. Like the one I just saw that with this Java code sample, while (!name.equals("out")) { System.out.println(name); break; } that asked why it was not "...
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To close, or not to close, that is the homework question

Consider the following question, which is representative of a certain class of questions that get posted with some frequency on Stack Overflow. How to find length of array in C++? I want to write a ...
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Recent changes to close reasons on Stack Overflow

Over the past week, I've made several fairly significant changes to the close reasons and associated documentation on Stack Overflow. I've been monitoring and tweaking those changes, and believe they ...
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"How to Ask" sidebar should mention that 1) googling (or "searchengining") required 2) the code and the problem must be included

Currently the "How to Ask" looks this way: I'm suggesting to improve the new paragraph in this way: First, please Google. Next, provide details, include the code in the question (don't link to ...
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Is "How do I convert code from this language to this language" too broad? [duplicate]

For context: Post request with c# with TLSx1 I see questions like this all the time. To me it reads as "Rumor has it Stack Overflow is a coding service. Can you convert this code for me from language ...
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Am I wrong, or does this question ask for a tutorial?

I just voted to close "How do you pull information from a datatable into a dropdownlist?" as too broad. It seemed to me that it was implicitly asking for a tutorial on data access in ASP.NET. Was I ...
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How to reduce and quickly close questions that are merely requirements?

I can't even count how many times a question is downvoted and closed because it's merely a dump of OP's wishes or requirements without any attempt to solve his problem and/or debug his program. Just ...
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Disagree with Review Audit for New Posts

In the case of the question "Complex Bow and Arrow Design with a Dart Board and Quiver - CSS only", I felt it should be closed. The review queue, and apparently the readers disagree. There is no ...
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Code-Writing questions: What IS the proper flag to use?

I know that the title to this question will turn some people off and elicit thoughts to flag this question as a duplicate so I would like to say now that yes, I have read and seen posts like this and ...
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How in the heck is this too broad? [duplicate] I just don't get it!
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The question was closed as "unclear what you are asking". Why?

I am curious to know why this was closed as "unclear what you are asking". I would need to match the average score to a letter grade. That means if (90 < avg && avg < 100) { ...
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Why was this VLQ flag declined?

I came upon a question that showed no effort to solve the problem. It would fit under the debated "Do my work" flag, but since there's not one I just flagged it as Very Low Quality. A moderator ...
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Annoying voting behavior of some users

When asking a question, it's expected that the question shows a minimal research effort. Does this mean the opener just throws in the phrase: "I tried... but it didn't work" without understanding ...
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