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Collection of standardized comments [duplicate]

It appears to me that it happens quite often that (new) users mistake meta-sites of the SE-network with the respective main site mistakenly post unrelated questions to one of the main sites (not on ...
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Are there any comment templates to put under bad questions? [duplicate]

I've noticed some kind of like a trend. If a question is bad, I almost always see a comment like Provide a minimal, reproducible example. or Please see How to ask, help center. Those comments ...
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Is there a list of usual comments? [duplicate]

Is there any official list of useful and formal comments that can be used for frequent cases (e.g., this question/answer is ___ because ___, or, welcome to SO ...etc), if there isn't an official one, ...
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Can we have some site approved canned comments to match the new CoC and welcoming?

There's so much confusion and debate over what is welcoming and what is expected of users with the Code of Conduct changing. There's a fine line we step between being frank in our discourse and what ...
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Is my downvoting criterion, based on useless titles, too strict?

I was quite surprised to see that I have downvoted questions approximately three times as often as upvoting them. This seems to be a lot more than most users. My strategy for downvoting pretty much ...
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Add indication that canned comments are from review

I've had more than a few new users take the low quality review comments personally, some even going as far as arguing, revenge voting, and so on... I find myself needing to explain the review process ...
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Why am I receiving down votes for this question and how can I improve it?

Previously I posted a similar question with rather lengthy code, so it was downvoted. I worked on it and narrowed down the area I was stuck, but this time I was downvoted continuously. The link to ...
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What does "Meta police" mean?

Earlier today, I found a mention of Meta police in a comment under Why aren't moderation tools given to people with a history of good moderation? Allowing those who don't have "skin in the game"...
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Why are people who are not on the SO team answering questions about feature-requests like they were part of the SO team?

I find it rather strange and unfair that people who are not on the Stack Overflow team answer questions about feature-requests like they were responsible for it. Until yesterday I thought that if ...
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How to access MCVE comment snippets

Several times during my perusal of review queues I've seen what appear to be premeditated responses to the poster, such as ones asking for an MCVE. All of these comments have multiple links to SO ...
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