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Upvoting but not accepting an answer [duplicate]

I recently asked a question and someone gave an answer that did not solve my problem, but provided useful information about it. I upvoted it but did not accept it as the answer because I still have ...
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Yelow background on questions [duplicate]

About an hour ago qestions feed appear with yellow background on some questions. What does it mean?
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Why are some questions highlighted yellow? [duplicate]

I have noticed for a while now that occasionally questions on SO will have a yellow highlight, like these on the Newest section These highlighted questions also appear in all the other methods of ...
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Background color of questions [duplicate]

Why is the background color of some questions like the following?
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Why aren't questions with my tags highlighted when I filter questions? [duplicate]

On the Stack Overflow homepage, questions that have tags you're interested in are highlighted, e.g. I like linux and matlab: And yet, other tags that're also in my tags list, such as fortran and ...
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What is causing this display quirk on [Delphi] questions? [duplicate]

Recently, very occasionally (maybe once a week), if I browse Stack Overflow questions for delphi, a question will be displayed with the text almost white, like this one currently is, as of 14 May 2020,...
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Official Documentation for fading out questions that have been downvoted? [duplicate]

Sometimes I notice answers are faded and only become "clear" when I move my cursor over them. For example the last answer on this page: Why doesn't getchar() wait for me to press enter after ...
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What is mean of Block-quote questions while browsing question asked by other user [duplicate]

I am just looking for question to help other issue but when I am browsing question there are some questions which are Blockquoted what does they indicate. Can anyone let me know meaning of Block-...
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Why this answer is different from other [duplicate]

Please look at Javascript best practices - where's the best place to define a helper function inside a loop? Here Mr. Philipp's answer I am getting like below May be this answer is deleted, but as I ...
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Unclear FAQ about creme-colored/highlighted questions [duplicate]

I am hereby humbly asking for clarification of this text in the FAQ "What do the colors on Stack Overflow mean?" (my question is not a duplicate of the FAQ, it asks to clarify one small part of it) : ...
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Why do some posts appear faded? [duplicate]

I have recently seen some posts appearing faded. What do these posts mean? Is it related to my SO setting?
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What is the visual indication code on the Stack Overflow main page? [duplicate]

Where can I find an explanation to the visual indicator the Stack Overflow main page is using? Obviously the number of votes (up), views and answer is straightforward, but what is the meaning of ...
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Why are some questions shown in a different colour? [duplicate]

Following is the image for the same. Another favourite tag's list of questions more bright than above:
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Why do the colors in comment vote numbers differ? [duplicate]

I know that the numbers represent the number of votes a comment has, but what do the colors denote? I've seen dark red, light orange and black. But why would there need to be different colors? Why not ...
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Newest posted question display bright color [duplicate]

There is some question which is newly posted in question list and do not get any downvoted question then also it display light color question.
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