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Should duplicate finding give reputation? [duplicate]

In some topics, intuitively I would guess C# or C++11 are among those, the gold digger times are over. Some old hats have earned a lot of reputation that may be hard to achieve by the half-baked. ...
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How to avoid duplicate answers (with points reward) [duplicate]

It was suggested that I pose this question for a new feature request. There is an ongoing problem of people posting duplicate answers to questions that have already been answered. One major ...
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Award some points for marking question as a duplicate [duplicate]

Currently there is no intensive for marking a duplicate question as a duplicate. I mean the following: You see a question which is a clear duplicate of another* and now you have two possible ways to ...
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Feature request: rewards/votes for linked dubplicate question together [duplicate]

It will be good if people would have ability find same questions, link them and get reputation. It maybe also good to vote for questions are same. That is like vote for link same questions. Another ...
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It's time to reward the duplicate finders

Stack Overflow sees many questions asked repeatedly, despite the large quantity of existing content. This is not always due to lack of effort - familiarity with the relevant keywords to use in the ...
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People MUST be rewarded with reputation for finding duplicates

And the reputation gained should count towards their ability to close the questions themselves single-handedly. Otherwise this site will continue to be the endless stream of extremely low quality ...
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Reputable people keep answering duplicates - What's the solution?

It's apparent that reputable members (ranging between 10k - 600k reputation) are answering duplicates. It's understandable if the question being answered isn't a blatant duplicate, but that's not the ...
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Rewarding overzealous users for answering duplicate questions is undermining the site [duplicate]

When a user posts a question that is, perhaps unknown to them, a duplicate of a FAQ, the correct response is to close the question as a duplicate of the FAQ, with no other answers to the new question. ...
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What can we do about fastest gun in the west answers that dump out garbage, and then plagiarize existing duplicates?

I just had the misfortune of trying to make SO a little better by tidying up this question with my dupehammer. It was a clear duplicate - the OP states that they want the "total of all characters" ...
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Flagging a post as a duplicate should cost reputation points

As of now one of the ways to perform a point-free aggressive action against a poster is to flag the post as a duplicate leaving one more avenue that opens the system to abuse. There should be a speed-...
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How is "duplicate's search" motivated by rating or badges on Stack Overflow?

Who are people who flag duplicate questions? How are they motivated to do this (highly helpful) job? I'm asking because I do not see how the review system and provided tools could motivate anybody to ...
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How are feature requests processed and discussed with the SE development and product design staff?

I have asked for at least three medium, well-received feature requests here: Establish a two stage question commit process? Would it be useful to have an extension of Mjölnir close voting powers for (...
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Extending the gold badge rights to further close vote reasons

The gold badge now allows the holder to have binding close votes on duplicates. It was discussed in here: When did I get close-vote superpowers? This is a nice thing for the site as well as ...
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How to be a fair duplicate close voter [duplicate]

Note: I don't want to talk about specific-question; I'm describing it only as an example. My question is general. I just saw a question which is a duplicate, found a good duplicate target, and voted ...
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