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What should be done with questions from people who are currently taking a test in school? [duplicate]

I think there's probably already a question/answer that covers this, but I had a search and couldn't find anything directly relevant. There's the classic homework question but this is different IMO ...
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Questions from Active Contests [duplicate]

Is it acceptable to ask questions from on going programming contests. If we encounter such questions should it be down voted and flagged for moderator?
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Can I ask competitive programming question? [duplicate]

I am stuck on some competitive programming problem. I think the proper approach to solve the problem is dynamic programming and I have implemented my solution but I keep getting wrong answer. If I ...
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What is the correct flag for contests? [duplicate]

There are questions for cheating on contests, challenges, exams, and homework: Problem when using scanf and printf for simple on a simple hackerrank challenge Getting a segmentation fault while ...
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What should I do when two similar question was asked by two different accounts? [duplicate]

Today, I saw two very similar questions: this one and this one. Both of these questions lead to a competitive programming problem on this website, which later got discontinued, and got replaced by ...
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Are questions about downloading or converting YouTube videos allowed?

A late answer led me to this question which is looking for a technique for converting YouTube videos to MP3 and then downloading them. Should questions like that, and the answers they attract, be ...
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Has the policy on ongoing competition or job interview questions changed?

I just noticed that this upvoted question and my accepted answer to it have been deleted by a diamond ♦ moderator/SO employee. It may not have been a particularly good question, but the asker ...
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Are interview questions on-topic? [duplicate]

Can a question which was asked in an online assessment be asked on stackoverflow? Companies usually outsource online assessments to Hackerrank, Codility, etc. who have a non-sharing policy. They also ...
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Is there a need for a new flag type: 'Embargoed until contest closes at <date/time>'?

When a question posted on SO is part of an open programming contest with a specific contest deadline (HackerRank/TopCoder/CodeChef/high-school math or programming challenges with deadlines/ etc.), it ...
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Can we ask programming competition like question?

While reviewing the reopen votes, I found this question. Here OP ask question of programming competition. They mention in question that there is no matter of programming language. This question is ...
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Should we answer a question while OP is midst an online test?

This is the first time I across such a scenario where OP is midst an online test, and posted a question to a quick answer. The question is too basic, however, the concerning thing is this statement: ...
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