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Duplicates dichotomy: [excel-vba] vs [excel] + [vba] [duplicate]

excel-vba means exactly the same as combining excel + vba. I cannot see which of them to use for Excel VBA programming questions. Maybe we should burninate the former as duplicate or something? ...
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Status of removing the Excel-vba (and similar -vba) tags

Referring to this posting from Shog9 from 2018 and this request for a follow-up from 2019. Since Shog is gone, what is the status of implementing the removal of the -vba tags, as he had planned? ...
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Warnings when using certain tag combinations

Note that this is not the same as this question: Tag combinations that suggest re-tagging automatically, which proposes retagging suggestions for replacing multiple tags with one, such as replacing ...
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Split [mps] into [jetbrains-mps] and [pytorch-mps]?

When searching mps tag, the tag info is speaking about JetBrains MPS. However, there are questions about PyTorch MPS (which looks like using Apple silicon's Metal Performance Shaders for speeding up ...
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Can we have an [excel-js] tag?

As part the the 2016 release of Office, we've vastly improved the JS API surface for both Word and Excel as shown in this blog post. Thus, we'd like to create excel-js and word-js tags, kind of like ...
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Synonymize / rename [excel-vba] and others to [excel-automation] / [excel-activex] / [excel-objects] / [excel-object-model]

The Microsoft object models for the various Office applications are language-agnostic; they can (generally1) be used equally well from any OLE-Automation-supporting language. Use of the API is the ...
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Should we use [r] and [markdown] or [r-markdown]?

There seems to be some overlap between the tags r, markdown and r-markdown and users seem to use these tags inconsistently. At the time of posting there are... 139 questions tagged with [r-markdown] ...
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Most frequent questions for a tag combination

Tags have the Frequent tab/filter, but, AFAIK, the search result page doesn't have a Frequent tab. I'm wondering if there is a way to find an automatically created "FAQ" for searches of two ...
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Should we burninate the [spam] tag?

For context, the tag description for spam says: DO NOT USE THIS TAG ON QUESTIONS THAT ARE SPAM, we have a special flag for that! Questions about bypassing somebody else's spam filter are also not ...
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Split [nx] into [nrwl-nx] and [nomachine-nx]

The tag nx is ambiguous. It is used for NoMachine NX (virtual desktop application) and nrwl nx (Angular monorepo library). The discussion clearly favored the solution to split nx into nrwl-nx and ...
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Rename [appscript] → [sourceforge-appscript]

From What is appscript? Please note that appscript is no longer developed or supported, and its use is not recommended for new projects. Appscript is a high-level, ...
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If it has tag A and tag B, should it also have tag A-B?

I just stumbled upon this while checking edits and wasn't sure how to deal with it. There's a question that is tagged with tags A and B, but there's a more specialised tag that's the combination of ...
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Decision criteria for granting/rejecting requests about combined <=> split tags?

Tldr: Burninate request has a similar decision making criteria. Can we have a similar criteria for splitting or combining tags? Combined tag is a hyphenated join of two or more tags. Eg: java-date,...
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