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"Should be improved" is explained badly in Triage queue [duplicate]

There is an explanation for the Should be improved option in the Triage queue as follows: Should Be Improved for questions where edits by the author or others would result in a question that is ...
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Help us test question triage!

tl;dr: there's a new review queue. It'll be getting somewhere around 1-2 questions per minute. The only thing they have in common is that the system is unsure of what to do with them. Some are great, ...
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Help Improve The Help & Improvement Queue! [closed]

A short time ago, we introduced the new triage queue - a place where users can quickly sort questions into various categories, where one of those categories is 'needs improvement'. Until now, we've ...
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Regarding the Stack Overflow close review queue

The size of the backlog in Stack Overflow's close review queue has been an issue for a long time now: I find that having such a huge backlog, makes it very hard to properly deal with closures. What ...
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Please rename the "Should be improved" button

The HIQ is currently full of questions that indeed can be improved, as they don't contain enough details, however that's not the purpose of the HIQ. Should be improved seems to be incorrectly ...
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Suggestion for rewording of triage review guidance

There are three categories. Looks OK: Looks OK for questions that can be found, understood and answered as-is And that looks OK. One might want to consider adding in a bit about formatting, but ...
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Triage: How to vote if more information is needed

In triage review queue, I've come across several questions which seem to be suitable for Stack Overflow if the user provided some more information. Often the question either lacks example code or a ...
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How flag questions like "please do my job for me"? [duplicate]

This question is about Triage queue and VLC queue. I do not mean to put a VLQ flag. That in Triage is no longer available and was never in VLQ. What is the proper way to flag for these kind of ...
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Add Flowchart in Triage Review

So I saw this question earlier today: As you can see, it was a well recieved question asking for the Triage categories to be reworded. My proposal, however, involves the flowchart that was in the ...
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Is a good looking question enough reason to flag it as "Looks OK" In triage

I have recently gained access to reviewing Triage and the other 500 rep queues. I've been doing quite a few in the last 3 days as a result of that. Now the point of triage is to determine wether a ...
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Where are the docs/post on how triage is supposed to work (including actionable items like criteria to apply)?

I have a question on how to apply triage, but I'm having problems finding a post detailing what is supposed to be done. There is a related post that discusses the feature request and it looks like it ...
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Are there any examples of how to handle questions in the triage queue? [duplicate]

I have triaged 11 questions to date but I am not happy that I have chosen correctly. Mostly I have chosen "Should be improved" but that may have been too generous. How should I respond to ...
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