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Is it okay to mark as 'a duplicate' with an unanswered question? [duplicate]

I am just wondering about the purpose of marking as "a duplicate" flag. In my opinion, "a duplicate" flag is not only needed to avoid asking similar questions but also to provide proper solutions to ...
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Why don't duplicate targets on meta need to have answers? [duplicate]

Recently this question How are one liners not blocked before being asked?, was asked and closed as a duplicate of Does the quality filter work?. The question is indeed a duplicate, but the interesting ...
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Problem with duplicate functionality on meta [duplicate]

I was on meta and so a post was flagged as a possible duplicate. When I went to the duplicate I found there was no answer. I thought that was strange as the text for the duplicate close reason is: ...
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Exact duplicate question with no answers

This question has an exact duplicate, but with a bounty offered by the duplicator. Yes, the same user asked the duplicated question. I can't flag it as duplicated due to there are no answers on the ...
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Should a question be closed as a duplicate of a more general question, when none of the answers to the broader question apply?

I recently asked a question regarding work-arounds to a limitation in a popular stylesheet language, which essentially boiled down to: How do I work around X limitation in this stylesheet language ...
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Can you help me understanding this rejected edit? [duplicate]

To people suggesting me another post (Post somehow edited while I'm making edit suggestion, no notification) could answer my question: PLEASE, check if the suggested post has an answer. If not... ...
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Merge [ews], [exchangews] and [exchangewebservices]

ews and exchangewebservices are the same and both are sponsored. There also is exchangews Can we replace ews with exchangewebservices? Due to sponsoring, I guess that must be escalated to SE sales?
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What if after posting a question here I realise it belongs to some other SE site!

So I happened to ask a database question today and then realized what I asked is probably a legacy technique being used in the industry and people on SO might not respond to it quickly, however if I ...
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Consider moving tags into question header to discourage tags in titles [duplicate]

Preventing tags in titles seems to be an uphill battle. What about this simple layout change, which may positively impact UX and cause fewer tags in titles: move the tags just below the question title ...
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Notify others about post being edited [duplicate]

(This question is probably related to users <2k rep only.) I'm often facing this issue in the edit review queue, but it happens "in the wild" too sometimes. When you start editing the ...
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