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Distinction between peer reviewed rejection of edits and automatic rejection of conflicting edits [duplicate]

Edits by users with a reputation of 2000 or more are automatically accepted and do not have to be peer reviewed. The consequence is that (better or worse) not yet reviewed conflicting edits of users ...
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This edit conflicted with a subsequent edit. - Does this affect me negatively? [duplicate]

I understand why my edit was rejected when this rejection occurs - (This edit conflicted with a subsequent edit.) But, does this affect me negatively where if having too many I could lose edit ...
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Why did the Community user reject my suggested edit?

I have recently edited a question in which I added the code blocks for the entire question. Another user approved the edit however, Community came along and rejected the edit. Is it because adding ...
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What causes this edit rejection: This edit conflicted with a subsequent edit

What causes this kind of communication rejection : This edit conflicted with a subsequent edit.
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Why are my reviews affected by reviews which were rejected by community due to conflict with a subsequent edit?

This question is similar, but it is not a duplicate, as it has no suitable reasons or answers. When I was trying to edit a post, I saw an attention warning saying: Some of my previous edits were ...
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Editing Ban, But Few Rejected Edits?

I went to edit a user's post on SO yesterday, and received this message: You are temporarily banned from suggesting edits - please review your edit history. But when I review my editing history, I ...
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How to deal with people copy'ing your edit

I've had a weird situation where I improved a post a lot, there were over 20 grammatical mistakes that were all fixed. However, the person who asked the question did not accept my edit: Instead he ...
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Are conflicting edits correctly ignored for reject count?

I saw on the editor's stats of this review that I had 3 previous rejected edit suggestions and went to my activity page to see which one were rejected and try to improve myself. Two of them were ...
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Rejected edit for edition of lower quality [duplicate]

I found my edit to a question to be anonymously rejected with the explanation «This edit conflicted with a subsequent edit». I became curious of how better the another edit that it was preferred over ...
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Why is my conflicted edit counted as rejected suggestions?

I'm a little bit confused about my latest edit which was rejected, due to a conflict. Now I've got an other rejected edit, which somehow reflecs badly on me. Like this Answer says: Automatic ...
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