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In the automated closing message, should it mention the existence of alternative SE sites when a question is closed for seeking recommendations?

Disclaimer: This question is not about what is the appropriate response to take as an individual when a question is seeking recommendations or is off-topic like this question. It's a question about ...
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Can all of the deleted/closed TempleOS questions be moved to Super User?

I've got a ton of, now censored, questions on TempleOS. Is it possible to liberate them and set them free at SuperĀ User? I think they'll find a welcoming home there and will be able to continue to ...
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Server Fault close reason text

I'm wondering if the Server Fault close message is still suitable give there's a Network Engineering Stack Exchange: Questions on professional server- or networking-related infrastructure ...
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Why does Stack Overflow closed off-topic no longer list suggested SE site that is on-topic?

For the better part of the past 5-years, when a question on Stack Overflow was closed as off-topic due to a question pertaining to general computing hardware or software, the first (most chosen) ...
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