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Should the questions asked about the terminology of a programming technique or concept be closed as off-topic? [duplicate]

Suppose a user knows about the process of Thread Synchronization, but doesn't know that it is named Thread Synchronization. The user explains the process in a question to get the name. Will that be ...
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Are "identify this tool/paper/technical book" questions off topic? [duplicate]

Many other sites (SciFi SE, Movies and TV SE, Literature SE) allow "identification requests" where you state what you remember about a book or movie and ask for help identifying it. Are any of this ...
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Are design pattern identification questions on topic? [duplicate]

Sometimes I can see some questions throw some informations such as codes or UML and request for identifying design pattern used. As examples, now this question is closed but this remains opened, my ...
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Is it okay to ask about terminology on Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

If I know about something, but don't know it's name -- or if it even has a name -- but it is related to development, would it be okay to ask on Stack Overflow? Or would this be off-topic and not ...
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Contrary to the wording of my original post, I was really looking for a term for what I described [duplicate]

I have a question about my Stack Overflow post What would you call source control management software that makes full versions of changes. I am out of my element here I think; I am not sure exactly. ...
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Is it OK to ask for a "word-choice" on Stack Overflow?

Sometimes I need to name a database table or a class or just a variable, but I'm unable to find a descriptive name which can be easily understood by others. Obviously, a more general or a well-known ...
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Are "what's this problem called?" questions off-topic?

Every now and then I see questions that describe a programming problem, and the asker wants to know what the name of it is, kind of like using SO as a reverse Google. For example, what they are ...
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Asking questions but not knowing the correct terminology to find the answer originally

I'm very much new to using VBA or any sort of coding; however, since finishing university last year, I've found that many of the functions needed for my job require me to develop some VBA to run ...
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Programming Language Identification Questions

I saw this question a few minutes ago: It started to get downvoted pretty quickly, which was curious to me. I looked at the ...
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Is the "What is AM/PM called?" question on-topic?

What is AM/PM called? has been a popular question for 8 years (+164-4 votes, 8 stars), and in fact is the #1 Google hit for "What is AM/PM called?", and is also linked from the top-5 hit "What is the ...
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How to improve this question? Is it too broad? On wrong site?

I asked this question and I'd like some advice on how to improve it. I described what I thought would be a ...
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