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Concern: "-1" filter discourages people from explaining their downvote [closed]

I was recently downvoted without comment and dared to rant about it by asking nobody in particular "-1 for what? Supporting Windows correctly?" The comment was blocked: Comments cannot ...
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Why is it possible to downvote an answer that is marked as accepted? [duplicate]

I'm fairly new to being active on Stack Overflow and this has been bugging for some time. I answered a question, formatted it properly, got several upvotes and a green check. The next day I got a ...
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Analysis to ascertain the experience level of Stack Overflow posters and moderators

I found an analysis of Stack Overflow on Quora. I'm not sure if its premises are accurate, but it has merit according to my experiences here. It alleges that a high reputation on Stack Overflow can ...
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Is downvoting harmful and should it be removed completely?

We're all familiar with the numerous complaints, from both new and longtime members of the Stack Overflow community, describing this place as unfriendly, even hostile. It's a serious enough problem ...
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