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Improve "that content" in validation error message

I put in -1 in a comment and got validated with this message (emphasis mine): Comments can't contain that content. Stating how you voted may distract the author from the important parts of ...
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Users working around the +1 comment block

So the suggestion has been implemented, even though it's not a feature-request, where the following image appears if you attempt to put "+1" in a comment: And already, there's comments like one and ...
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Comments can't contain that content - "+1" - why not? [duplicate]

I tried to add the following comment on this question: "+1 for the wizard idea. Note however, ... etc. etc." But this was not allowed with the error "Comments can't contain that content". I ended ...
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Why am I not allowed to post a comment explaining my downvote? [duplicate]

It seems there is a rule preventing me commenting if my comment start with "-1:". The validation error is something along the lines of "Comments can't contain that content" (which by the way is not ...
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