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Is it inappropriate to explain why I upvoted? [duplicate]

The policy on commenting says one should avoid compliments such as "+1 great answer"; but - what about "+1 because [explanation of why a point which was made in the answer is particularly useful.]"? ...
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What's wrong with this comment? [duplicate]

StackOverflow's policing of my comments is really getting on my nerves. Could someone explain why this comment is banned?
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Comments can't contain that content - "+1" - why not? [duplicate]

I tried to add the following comment on this question: "+1 for the wizard idea. Note however, ... etc. etc." But this was not allowed with the error "Comments can't contain that content". I ended ...
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Comments cannot contain that content: Don't comment on your downvote [duplicate]

Please put aside whether or not my comment was actually useful, but -1 is a number that comes up a lot when programming. I should be allowed to talk about it without the system assuming I'm talking ...
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Unable to comment: "Comments cannot contain that content." [duplicate]

I'm curious why the error was triggered for my comment: It says "Don't comment on your upvote.", but I did not update that answer either. I was able to comment by adding a "FWIW" at the beginning of ...
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Why am I not allowed to post a comment explaining my downvote? [duplicate]

It seems there is a rule preventing me commenting if my comment start with "-1:". The validation error is something along the lines of "Comments can't contain that content" (which by the way is not ...
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Comments can't contain that content? [duplicate]

So I added a comment to this question: +1 - I guess people don't switch libraries frequently enough to have solved this basic problem, or to have an expectation of clearly documenting not just the ...
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What is wrong with this comment? [duplicate]

I tried to edit a comment I had written to be a little more complementary and self-explanatory, but SO wouldn't allow it. It said, Why not? What is wrong with the below comment? (I'm tagging this ...
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Comment filter detection of "specific guidance" is broken [duplicate]

This screenshot says it all. I did provide specific guidance, which the comment filter failed to recognize. In particular, I specifically identified the mistake in the answer and suggested what it ...
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Am I still supposed to explain my downvotes or not?

Over in Should we discourage leading +/-1 on comments?, Shog9 introduced a comment filter that prevented us from posting comments starting with -1. Okay, fine. But what are we supposed to post instead?...
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Can a machine be taught to flag comments automatically?

TL;DR: Yes it can. Background On June 27, 2014 Skynet awoke. It looked at Stack Overflow and thought "Why are all these people being so chatty and talking about obsolete things? I should nuke ...
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A SWAT team of nice II: temporarily show new questions only to designated "guide" users, allowing for fixing problems

tl;dr: Let's allow new users to request a temporary "pit stop" for their questions before they enter the race track - a mode where the question is visible only to a group of designated "guide" users ...
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Remove the limitation that stops comments from starting with +1 or -1

I recently realized that a new limitation has been introduced to comments that prevents us from starting with +1 or -1 (or at least it's somewhat new -- earliest mention I can find is a post from ...
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Reduce "try this" answers by giving a helpful message

An answer that consists solely of a code block or "Try this" (and variations) followed by a code block and nothing else is usually not useful if not very low quality. So let's encourage people to fix ...
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Why not solve the thanks a lot problem by prompting the user to upvote the question?

There seem to be a large number of people that worry about things on Stack Overflow, but newbies are going to do what feels normal to them (thanking someone), and there will always be newbies. ...
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