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Visited status is not contrasted enough in the light theme

When using the dark theme, I can clearly see if I visited the link: . But on the light theme I can't: . Using color picker, I can see the difference: #2059B1 vs #2669BE, but to my eye it's the same ...
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width of answer changes when posted - does that have to be?

Since (I think) the invention of the left side bar on Stack Overflow, the display behavior when posting an answer has changed. Before, the posted answer was displayed with exactly the same width and ...
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Gigantic headline in new interface

I am using a complex query to see what I am interested in. The new interface displays this using a very large font. Is it possible to reduce this somehow? I am using Firefox Quantum 60.0.1.
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Please make an option to have post width responsive

A SO post width is 660px. As a code related website, with plenty of code snippets all over, many of which are very wide, it requires using the horizontal scrollbar to be able to see what's "under the ...
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Is there a good reason why the [META] wordmark on the new header image is now orange and no longer maroon?

I can't see how this would make meta any less confusing for users who are lost. Not that we can do much to help folks either, but the color change seems completely gratuitous otherwise. The accent ...
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Is there a way to temporarily un-gray posts grayed out by down-votes? [duplicate]

My eyes are not all that great, I have issues distinguishing certain colors/brightness, it is not that I cannot read them, it is just that is really hard. As consequence I find it very hard to read ...
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Make the "must be accompanied by code" warning more direct

Right now, if you try to post a jsFiddle link without posting code, the site says this: Links to must be accompanied by code. Please indent all code by 4 spaces using the code toolbar ...
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Who did the design for Stack Overflow?

Does anyone know who did the design for Stack Overflow? I'm just trying wondering if the developers themselves did it, or if they hired designers.
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How best to receive a new answerer who is wrong [duplicate]

A question on the style of commenting on answers from low-rep users. Prompted by the comment today on this answer: I don't remember seeing much ...
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Too much space between posts on profile page

Everything was fine an hour ago and suddenly I see my profile page as follows. I have tried refreshing and clearing the cache and checking this site's profile page too. It looks the same here too. ...
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New styling of vote count/bounty award has insufficient padding on fade in

The new styling on vote counts in user profiles is really nice. I quite like it. It looks like that style has also been applied to bounty awards in existing answers. When clicking a link from the ...
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Stack Overflow-specific features

Are there any features regarding the Stack Overflow web site that are only specific to it? Or all features are shared (the same) between all Stack Exchange sites? I am asking this question, ...
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Meta Stack Overflow vs Meta Stack Exchange

Before asking this question, I already read the entire Q&A here: What kind of questions should we ask on Meta Stack Overflow and on Meta Stack Exchange? But, I am really still confused. When ...
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Cut in the Jon Skeet's profile view [duplicate]

Just came across Jon Skeet's one of answers, where I saw cut in his profile view. His badges are getting cut at 100% zoom but it's clearly visible with 110% zoom level. 100% Zoom : 110% Zoom :
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Remove bottom margin on images

Normally, I would provide an image within its own paragraph like this in markdown: Some text ![enter image description here][1] Some Text Which is rendered like this: <p>Some Text</p> &...
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