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New styling of vote count/bounty award has insufficient padding on fade in

The new styling on vote counts in user profiles is really nice. I quite like it. It looks like that style has also been applied to bounty awards in existing answers. When clicking a link from the ...
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Updated "award your bounty" button style

Following the Feedback Requested: Stack Overflow design update of 2014 thread. After the design update, I've noticed that the "award the bounty" button look is confusing: It looks as it is ...
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duplicate close vote dialogue is too narrow for new column width

Well, the title says it all: That horizontal scrollbar shouldn't be there. Oh, and it's a wonderful example of how the vote counts are still misaligned
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Give the old theme for the main site back [duplicate]

This isn't really a question, it's a request. I request that you give us the old (a.k.a. actually usable, unlike the new one) theme back, at the very least in a form of an opt-in. (No, seriously, the ...
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Why are the "apps" and "my logins" in red color in the profile page in meta?

I've noticed that the "apps" link and "my logins" link in the profile page in red color. Here is a screenshot showing it: This is seen only for the profile page on meta and not on ...
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Visited status is not contrasted enough in the light theme

When using the dark theme, I can clearly see if I visited the link: . But on the light theme I can't: . Using color picker, I can see the difference: #2059B1 vs #2669BE, but to my eye it's the same ...
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