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Why was this custom flag declined?

A few weeks ago, I raised a custom* flag on this answer with the following comment: The OP posted a clarification (requested in comments) as an answer rather than amending his question. I've edited ...
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Meta Stack Overflow vs Meta Stack Exchange

Before asking this question, I already read the entire Q&A here: What kind of questions should we ask on Meta Stack Overflow and on Meta Stack Exchange? But, I am really still confused. When ...
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The botched Stack Overflow re-design review process

So, Stack Overflow changed, and we have the (oh-so-familiar) chorus of "hating the redesign" and "how can I make it look like it used to" that any large website can come to expect with a style ...
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Is there a good reason why the [META] wordmark on the new header image is now orange and no longer maroon?

I can't see how this would make meta any less confusing for users who are lost. Not that we can do much to help folks either, but the color change seems completely gratuitous otherwise. The accent ...
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Please make an option to have post width responsive

A SO post width is 660px. As a code related website, with plenty of code snippets all over, many of which are very wide, it requires using the horizontal scrollbar to be able to see what's "under the ...
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New syntax highlighting just got me color blind

Stack Overflow design update So, as you already know, Stack Overflow (and its related Meta subdomain) recently got updated with this brand new style, which, in my opinion, is really pure and enjoyable....
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Gigantic headline in new interface

I am using a complex query to see what I am interested in. The new interface displays this using a very large font. Is it possible to reduce this somehow? I am using Firefox Quantum 60.0.1.
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If it ain't broke

I know, I'm going to be another one complaining about it, but... In my personal opinion, the redesign is a foolish move. My first thoughts on seeing it were: What is this? There's something wrong ...
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Can we get a better font for Stack Overflow questions?

(EDIT): It appears this issue only exists for people who see Helvetica Neue, and Windows users do not by default see Helvetica Neue. In the request for feedback for the new Stack Overflow theme ...
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Stack Overflow-specific features

Are there any features regarding the Stack Overflow web site that are only specific to it? Or all features are shared (the same) between all Stack Exchange sites? I am asking this question, ...
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Should hovering over 'faded' answers re-style them for improved readability?

When an answer post receives a certain number of downvotes (I think it's -3) then the post is re-styled to become "faded". I understand that this is of benefit to take focus away from the so called "...
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Who did the design for Stack Overflow?

Does anyone know who did the design for Stack Overflow? I'm just trying wondering if the developers themselves did it, or if they hired designers.
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Style for links on Meta

I would like to suggest to make links more visible as links. As it is dark gray hardly stands out compared to the text. I hid a link in this text, can you see it - I mean without me pointing it out ...
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Too much space between posts on profile page

Everything was fine an hour ago and suddenly I see my profile page as follows. I have tried refreshing and clearing the cache and checking this site's profile page too. It looks the same here too. ...
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Colors in comment characters remaining seem off

With the new design, the colors for the "Characters remaining" text when posting a comment have the following progression: Grey Brown Orange Black (???) I would expect the final color to be red, or ...
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