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How do we handle questions that are potentially or blatantly illegal or malicious?

Recently, I came across a question where it seemed like the user wanted help removing the trial message from a piece of trial software (get around purchasing it legitimately). This got me thinking ...
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If questions about how to construct malicious software do not require moderator attention, then what does? [duplicate]

NOTES As I had already made quite clear in this question, I knew the other question might have been for legitimate research/academic reasons, but I just wanted somebody to check on it in case. I ...
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How to deal with questions where the asker is trying to write code with questionable moral implications? [duplicate]

I've come across a couple of questions where the user is asking an on-topic, well asked question about how to solve a problem they are facing, but in the background to the question they reveal or ...
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Is it inappropriate to give advice about avoiding bot detection? [duplicate]

I have recently come across several posts that seek help to avoid bot detection when running scripts on some website. I am avoiding posting examples here so as not to draw attention/meta effect to ...
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Potential legal liability when answering a hacker's or terrorist's question?

When we answer questions on Stack Overflow, most of us most of the time don't know the asker - who they are, what the purpose of their software is, etc. What if we were to inadvertently help out a "...
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Moderator flag declined on question about solving troubles with writing malware [duplicate]

I have flagged this question for moderator attention due to the fact that in the edit history I've found that the OP has explained that he's facing problems when writing malware to prank his friends. ...
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Badly phrased and morally questionable questions

I came across this question this morning: It seems likely that the asker is not scraping the site in question "...
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How to cope with "Help, I've been Hacked!" questions

These questions are obviously off-topic, but that doesn't mean they do not get posted at a steady rate. It would be helpful if there was a canonical reference (such as, oh, I suppose, this question? ...
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How do we deal with legitimate questions that are terrible ideas?

I was looking at Any way to detect the "Stay" button once it been clicked - window.onbeforeunload and the thought of a webpage opening up other pages because you hit 'stay' on that dialogue ...
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How to counter people jumping to conclusions and closing questions?

Not my question: Loading custom DLLs instead of original DLLs and not the first time. This will likely get closed. It is a legitimate question, IMO. Yet the discussion in the comments has ...
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