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How to deal with a slowly learning user? [duplicate]

So I met a certain user who posted their homework problem on SO. They put some effort into answering their questions IMHO and are slowly getting there. They got here already public class Assg2 { ...
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Should I answer a question I've close-voted? [duplicate]

This question is analogous to "which juicer do I squeeze my apple with?" I.e. it not only doesn't make sense, but it shows a lack of understanding. I voted several days ago to close it, yet it ...
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Is it unethical to vote down a question then answer it? [duplicate]

Sometimes, I come across bad questions like this one. I don't think it is a particularly good question and it shows little effort. On the other hand, I can solve the problem. Is it unethical to write ...
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Stance on answering "bad" questions [duplicate]

Just a few minutes ago, I came across (and flagged as off-topic) this question, asked by someone who joined just before posting. The thing is, it got an answer, which made me wonder what the official ...
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"Why shouldn't I answer off-topic questions?" FAQ [duplicate]

Does anyone think it would be useful to have a FAQ on the subject of "Why shouldn't I answer off-topic questions?" Anyone willing to write one? I'm thinking I would post a link to it whenever I saw ...
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Are comments to questions that you vote to close harmful? [duplicate]

The question that prompted this is already closed and downvoted so no further actions need to be taken and I'll post a link for context. I was the first close voter and my comment was, to the best of ...
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If a question is going to closed, can I post half answer with "Work in Progress"? [duplicate]

A few days ago I was writing an answer for a new question. As I knew that the question was not good fit for SO, I was in a hurry as my answer was a big one. When I almost finished writing my answer ...
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How to get your question answered if it is closed [duplicate]

I was wondering, how could one receive an answer to his or her question if it gets closed? Can one use a bounty to counteract closure? The feature to reword the question is not enough. I tried to ...
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Bounty annulled shortly after answering [duplicate]

Here's a short description of the events: Off-topic/TB question is asked. Question is given a +500 bounty. Several days later I see the question in the bounty list, decide it's an interesting problem ...
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This site isn't a tutoring service... but I know of one [duplicate]

And I have tutored on it before. And if everyone who needed Python tutoring services hired me via that service rather than asking an off-topic question on SO, SO would be much tidier and I would stand ...
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Don't answer bad questions? [duplicate]

So this question popped up on my close review queue. Instead of voting to close it, I found it interesting enough to answer. From the question text I can understand what kind of a problem the author ...
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No soup for you - you ask broad questions [duplicate]

Most of my broad questions come when I know very little of the subject matter, and am just beginning to explore. I have a feeling that someone that asks really broad questions is probably helped by ...
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Is it appropriate to give hints to beginner programmers? [duplicate]

I noticed this question: the question in the picture I need help enter image description here I left a comment: Hint: If you read this page thoroughly
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Are answers to (very) poor quality questions a good idea? [duplicate]

Take a question like the below (image rather than link to avoid everyone boarding the "down-vote train"): This is clearly a poor quality question. There's no evidence of any research, no attempts, ...
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Is it allowed to invite a new user to a private online collaborative editor if their question was rightfully closed? [duplicate]

I've stumbled upon a small issue today. A new user asked a question that clearly didn't fit SO's guidelines. Even though the question was clear, it was simply Too Broad. I wanted to take some time to ...
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