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Top-voted answer is dangerous, hiding safer answer [duplicate]

Consider This question. The accepted – and highly voted – community wiki answer works, but is a bit dangerous, as one may easily lose data. The second and third most-voted answers are essentially ...
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Comments and meta edits don't discourage readers from using severely flawed, and potentially dangerous, answers; let's go to the next logical step [duplicate]

We have beaten this horse too much; let’s put it out of its misery definitively, in a effective way. A way that protects everyone and the children from harm: non-meta edits and deletion. This answer ...
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May I flag an answer if it's dangerous and accepted? [duplicate]

I found a question today with two answers. Both answers did work and provided a working solution, but they were different: The accepted answer (1 upvote) used a hardcoded integer The other answer (9 ...
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Should answers that are "just for fun" or encourage poor or dangerous practices, be called-out? [duplicate]

Please refer to this question, and in particular its answers: How can I efficiently remove elements by index from a very large list? It seems like this question has been treated rather as a Code Golf-...
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Dealing with solutions that are insecure & counter-productive [duplicate]

I found this answer, and it bothers me because it's not just a typical bad answer, but an answer that suggests configuring a database in a way that is clearly insecure. The solution may or may not ...
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Posting malicious code as an answer

A note to the reader: I posted this question because I felt that something more needed to be done than I had already done. I was wrong. After a spirited, but civilized debate, a definitive answer was ...
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How to handle historical, highly upvoted but completely incorrect answers

Every once in a blue moon, I notice an answer that matches the pattern: It's on a popular topic It's getting views It has a lot of upvotes, sometimes even an upvoted "thanks!" comment. It ...
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Implement a vote-based warning system for potentially dangerous answers

A while back after running into a pretty scary and incredibly insecure answer, I started to think about the inadequacy involved in notifying others. Then, after reading the post, Mod seems to have ...
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Getting to Know Stack Overflow's Voting Culture

There are few topics more controversial than voting, either on the Main site or here on Meta. Whether expressed in rants on Meta or rants in comments, users frequently get angry, confused and ...
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How to review suggested edits that fix security issues?

In the last days, I encountered several suggested edits that try to fix code in answers that are prone to SQL injections, similar to this edit: The question is now: Which action should be taken in ...
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What should I do with this history question?

I've cross the path of this question: What was the first programming language with Enumerations? which, at least to me, doesn't fit in the SO guideline How To Ask since it's a question about history ...
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How do I deal with answers that are good for experienced users but potentially dangerous for newbies?

I'm not really experienced with Git and I had a problem exactly as in this question. Note that all of the four answers mention git reset --hard which causes loss of uncommitted/unstashed changes in ...
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How to report security issue in content? [duplicate]

There was a question about handling input in a secure way. OP showed how they do it and asked whether it was secure. e.g., function secure_input(input) { // do stuff to secure the input // then ...
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