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Is a job offer posted as a question considered as "Off topic"? [duplicate]

I have used a custom flag to flag a job offer posted as a question since the default flags seemed to not fit the bill in my opinion. The closest one I could think of was "Off topic", but the Off ...
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Can questions which are job offers be flagged using custom flags, or should we use only spam flags, or maybe not flag them at all? [duplicate]

Note: I am NOT asking Are job offers spam? since I already agree that it is. This question is more about how to properly handle such questions as my custom-flags was rejected. I recently saw a ...
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What is the right standard flag for question looking to hire somebody [duplicate]

While doing triage, I flagged this post From the URL alone you can deduct ...
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How to reply to a "I'm willing to pay" comment? [duplicate]

I recently had a reply from the OP to a comment including "Also I am happy to pay you something if you can make it work." To be honest, I replied suggesting to contact me through LinkedId but then I ...
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Is it acceptable to make a post to find partners for a hobbyist project? [duplicate]

I would like to make a post to attract other developers/architects/strategists to plan and redevelop an existing web site. This has been a non-profit work, so the post is intended for hobbyists or ...
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Is it OK to use SO to reach local sensor/big data professionals/enthusiasts? [duplicate]

A friend is working on a (local authority-sponsored) project which aims to bring together professionals and enthusiasts interested in "big data", with the aim of using sensors to track various aspects ...
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Should "questions" advertising for jobs be flagged as spam? [duplicate]

I recently ran into this "question", which is currently collecting downvotes and close votes, that's basically a job listing. Image for under 10k: I guess it's not technically promoting a product or ...
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What to do when OP offers payment for solution?

I saw a question in which the OP requested help with responsive CSS, his code had many issues which I tried to outline in the comments, only to get a response from the OP offering me payment in ...
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voting to close/delete the question because it looks like a lame freelancer job posting [duplicate]

I have an option to vote this question as "Unsalvageable". First I choose the following option: it should be closed for another reason... This question does not meet this site's standards and ...
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Why was my spam flag disputed?

I recently flagged a post as spam which has been subsequently removed through moderation. Here was the post itself: I believe this post was blatant spam, yet my flag was disputed: Up to this point ...
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Low quality answer by new contributor but deleted as spam/rude/abusive by moderator [duplicate]

One of the answers was deleted by a moderator saying: "This answer was marked as spam or rude or abusive and is therefore not shown - you can see the revision history for details." This ...
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Is it OK to hire external freelancers to answer questions?

I've got a SO question that, unfortunately, hasn't yet been answered (this is rare!). I'm considering trying to hire an external freelancer to help out by answering the question. (I would use a ...
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What is the best way to flag a question looking for a developer to do work? [duplicate]

I'm referencing questions where people state the problem they have and say something along the lines of "I'm looking for someone to do this for me" It's not exactly spam, but it also doesn't really ...
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