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What 'metric' should we use to decide which of some number of duplicate questions should become the 'canonical' one? [duplicate]

From this answer on the related question What should I do if the question I need is already asked, but in a poor way?: The correct way of moderating duplicate questions is not to use the oldest post ...
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Is it okay to edit questions into being "more canonical"? [duplicate]

Note to close voters: My question is not a duplicate. The current duplicate target is asking how questions can be edited to become more canonical. I, on the other hand, am asking if that's even okay. ...
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Is it appropriate to ask and answer your own question as a method of improving content? [duplicate]

This question was just asked and answered by the same contributor on SO: How do I print my Java object without getting "SomeType@2f92e0f4"? His comment: After much searching, I failed ...
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What about all these long-forgotten duplicates? [duplicate]

See below for links Pretty self-explanatory. All of these are about the same topic and the question body is extremely short and all can be summarized in this one sentence: What is the use of ...
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How should we handle questions that repeat frequent misconceptions? [duplicate]

I've come over this (stated as) newbie question here recently. It's a frequently observable misconception in questions for a number of programming languages, that scoped/local variable/parameter ...
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New tag suggestion: Swift - Unexpectedly found nil while unwrapping an Optional value [duplicate]

I'm an Objective-C programmer and can only read basic Swift code, otherwise I would start this process myself instead of making this post. As anyone active in the Swift/iOS tags knows, the number one ...
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The odd case of a super-duper duplicate [duplicate]

Is there a process in place for unseating "canonical answers" that duplicates gets referred to? What I mean - what if my duplicate is better than the original I'm supposedly duplicating? Should not ...
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Questions that supersede others [duplicate]

Introduction A lot of questions are about very specific problems, for example "how to resolve this exact error?" with some error log. Let's call these bug-questions. But what if I want to share my ...
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Is it reasonable to create an "authority" post and close all older questions as duplicates? [duplicate]

I just saw this question and it is showing behavior I have never seen on a post before. It appears that multiple, older posts have been closed as duplicates of this new post. In the comments, the user ...
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What to do when there is a commonly/frequently asked question on Meta? [duplicate]

Today I noticed this question Are duplicate answers acceptable?, and I remembered that in the past I had done a similar question, and also that there are a lot of other similar questions, all with ...
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Repurposing an existing question into a good canonical question [duplicate]

Every day (pretty much) the ruby-on-rails tag gets questions about JavaScript only working after a page refresh. The problem is (almost) always the turbolinks gem that is included with Rails. I'd like ...
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Procedure and requirements for writing a canonical question/answer [duplicate]

I noticed over the last few days that one particular problem keeps showing up. I went searching for a good canonical question to deal with all of these and wasn't satisfied with what I found. I wrote ...
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Is it ok to create a community-wiki based on several different answers? [duplicate]

Can I create a community-wiki about a problems I faced and how I solved it, in a sort of "First check this... then that..."? I have seen a lot of people with similar problems as mine, so maybe we can ...
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What's the best way to provide help for multiple questions? [duplicate]

There are many questions on SO to do with sprite collision and contact detection in iOS. Most are slight variations on one another and are caused by the OP not setting up their environment correctly. ...
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What can be done about many duplicates of a fairly specific question? [duplicate]

In attempting to answer this question: Matplotlib skipping dates with empty data, which I think should be noted is fairly narrow in scope, I found that almost the exact same question has been asked at ...
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