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The [freecodecamp] fire?

I found the freecodecamp tag, which does not seem to have any usage guidance (in the wiki description) nor does it say anything regarding the tagged questions. For example, How can I complete these ...
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Derail [] is about questions stemming from confusion with the (apparently wildly popular, or perhaps merely extremely confusing?) RoR tutorial at the site of the same name, by Michael Hartl. ...
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project-euler is back as projecteuler

project-euler recently got burninated, but is back asprojecteuler Can we kill this before it gets more than the handful of questions it already has?
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Should we allow questions to be tagged [advent-of-code]?

I noticed today that questions are being edited to add advent-of-code, which to me seems to be a meta-tag that doesn't belong on Stack Overflow as it doesn't help classify the actual question (IMHO). ...
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What about an 'Algorithmic Review' type of topic about solution approaches for programming challenges? [duplicate]

tl;dr: I'd like to propose a new tag [programming-challenge], and an unusual type of 'question' that serves as an overview and index to the various contributions/answers. Hence the implied question ...
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Blacklist the [project-euler] tag

The tag project-euler was already burninated but it keeps getting re-created. It was recently re-added to this question. If you look at the question history the last few edits are just adding and ...
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Blacklist the [SPOJ] tag (and other online code judge/contest engines) please

I've been burninating the spoj tag today again (there were only 4 questions, so no big deal). I remember doing that somewhere back in time, when it was a harder job. Could we please blacklist tags in ...
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Formula student tag [closed]

Could anyone with enough reputations create a Formula student tag? This will be good for all formula students in the world.
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Is [todomvc] a useful tag?

A user seems to be going on a spree of suggested edits, creating the new tag todomvc and adding it to a large number of questions that in one way or another mention TodoMVC. However, I'm not totally ...
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