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Duff review audit?

As much as this answer clearly did end up being deleted because of numerous random answers, we are told that an altogether wrong answer is not a good enough reason to have it deleted from SO. On this ...
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Not an Answer Flag Declined

I flagged this as not an answer: For your convenience, I've copied the contents below: The short answer is that there is no guaranteed way to get the ...
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Lame "STOP! Look and Listen" even though I tried to edit a bad post

I was reviewing first posts on Stack Overflow and came across one that needed an edit due to poor quality, I clicked on edit and was shown a page ...
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What am I supposed to do with a piece of spam that I review in the Low Quality queue?

While reviewing in the Low Quality Posts queue I was presented with an answer that looked like it would be delicious grilled with a slice of pineapple: I wasn't too sure what to do with this in the ...
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Review Audits: dealing with false negatives and consequences thereof?

I just reviewed a late answer, and it was one of the low quality answers. While it was not a perfect answer it was still correct. However the answer was already removed, so I cannot comment on it. Is ...
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Is the "STOP! Look and Listen" broken? [duplicate]

I was reviewing an answer deletion request (it was at -1) and received a "STOP! Look and Listen." audit. But the audit page didn't show the answer I was reviewing, so there's no way to see what I did ...
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Is this review audit not off-topic?

I'm a little confused regarding this question, which I received during a review audit. There doesn't seem to be any code to fix, and I see it as a request for recommendations for a C++ implementation ...
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Failed Audit: Not sure why

Failed an audit in the Low Quality Posts category by clicking "Looks OK" with what seemed to be a reasonable attempt to answer the question by providing code. Now, this was not the answer of the ...
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Review a question, failed audit showing previous (skipped) question?

Seems like either I missed something, or something's broken in reviews, concerning audits. Here's a quick rundown of what just happened I'm reviewing ReOpen votes Question pops up about code I'm not ...
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Failed audit on what looked like a link-only answer—was I wrong in my judgement?

While reviewing low-quality posts, I was presented with this answer: It looked to me like a link-only answer, so I flagged it as such. However, it was an audit and I didn't pass. Why is this answer ...
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A Low Quality Post review just failed, is this a bug?

The review: When this review came up I selected that it was a link only answer and not spam, which made the system automatically post a ...
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LMGTFY link can't be added

I tried to paste a link to as the comment and I got this error: Why is LMGTFY considered bad and are there any other types of content comments can't contain?
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Empty answer in failed review audit [duplicate]

I just failed a review audit in the low quality queue: The answer here shows as completely empty, but of course it was not when I reviewed ...
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