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Link for poor or ever-growing questions to better explain why people stop answering

Given the amount of questions that start with "I am very new to (x) and how do I do this...", questions that lead in to the inevitable "Ok that is working but now...", it seems like it would be ...
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User edits code in their question to reflect suggestions made in answers [duplicate]

My question is not a duplicate of the possible duplicate, because that question asks: What to do when users try to edit their question to ask another one. I'm asking: what to do when users try to ...
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Should a question edit be rolled back if it appears to be a follow-up to an answer? [duplicate]

I have, on occasion, rolled back a user's edit to their own question when it appears to be a new follow-up question - as if to emulate the mechanics of a discussion forum or chat room. Here's an old ...
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Editing questions to add subsequent errors [duplicate]

I have experienced this scenario several times now where I provide an answer to a question which fixes the OP's issue but their code then goes on to throw a subsequent, different error. The OP neither ...
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How handle questions that are beyond OP's knowledge?

I recently answered this question of type "I have a large number of [complicated objects] and need to calculate [complicated algorithm] which should run as fast as possible." After a first answer ...
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When is it ok to extend a question with another question, after initial answers have been posted?

I encountered this question recently, which had a bounty placed. After the bounty was placed, an answer was generated. In response to the bounty, the poster then mentioned in comments that they were ...
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Should we rollback to the version which has "format issue" because it has already been answered? [duplicate]

I'm talking about this question. So, the string is: > SEND OK HTTP/1.1 200 OK > Access-Control-Allow- l-Allow-Methods: GET,POST,DELETE > Access-Control-Allow-Headers: X-Requested-With, > ...
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What to do when a user edits their post to add a second unrelated question? [duplicate]

What is the correct course of action when a user edits their post to add another question? They have already received an answer for the "first" question and then edited it, copying in another question ...
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Can a moderator lock this revision edit war?

I got moderator flag banned for a comment on an unrelated question/answer comment that was flagged rude/offensive deleted by the moderator and then marked "declined" so I can not post this to the ...
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User accepted my answer, then completely changed the question and 'unaccepted'

I answered this question: and spent a fair amount of time on it. My answer was duly accepted. However, today I looked at my rep ...
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question with improper example

I asked this question and received a complete answer immediately. The problem is that the example I used inside the question was not appropriate so I edit the question and added new data. The ...
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