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I have a configuration problem with MATE and Linux. Which Stack Exchange site should I post to? [duplicate]

I'm trying to ask which site I should post this question below. I have FC30 and the MATE desktop, and I'd like to make it look as close as possible to Windows without making my own theme. I'm using ...
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Where should I ask about code design and implementation? [duplicate]

I recently asked a question (intially badly) about how I would implement a UI pattern with React not problems I was having with code. The question was ultimately closed due to being off topic. Where ...
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How do I settle where my question belongs?

I'm working on a custom implementation of a Bootstrap carousel in WordPress. The problem is, I posted the question once to Stack Overflow and had it deleted after about a week because I thought ...
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In which Stack Overflow umbrella of sites should I ask a OO design question?

I have a question that deals with OO design aspects. I do not have complete working code and my understanding is that non-working code cannot be posted on the Code Review site. What I have is a ...
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Which is the proper site to ask about commands on Arch Linux? [duplicate]

I see the most popular site on Stack Exchange about Linux is Ask Ubuntu, however, my question is a Arch Linux related question (commands/services).
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Is Stack Overflow a good place to ask specific sympy questions? [duplicate]

Questions like such as: How to do X in sympy? E.g. questions which touch math as well as programming. (Not questions such as: "How to install sympy on OS Y?") Is there a better place than Stack ...
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Where to ask CS algorithm questions? [duplicate]

I have a particular algorithm question that I am struggling to find optimal solution. I have a solution that isn't optimal and I want suggestions on a better solution. I also can't determine runtime ...
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Where can I post Microsoft Excel 2016 related questions? [duplicate]

I have a problem filtering rows in Microsoft Excel 2016. Where can I post these types of questions?
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How to determine which Stack Exchange site to ask cross discipline questions on [duplicate]

I asked a question on Code Review and it got put on hold. The question is about the correct way to express a guessing function for a modified interpolation search. It's basically an interpolation ...
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Distinction between programming, web development, and stack overflow [duplicate]

When I look at the list of exchanges on StackExchange, I see a number of exchanges related to computer software programming, such as Stack Overflow, Computer Graphics, Programming, and Web ...
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Where can I go to figure out which SE site to ask on?

If I have a question that I want answered and I am unsure which category it falls under, how will I know where to ask it? Obviously, posting on a random site is not a good solution.
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Are requests for code improvements of running code on-topic on SO? [duplicate]

I'm especially asking for OP's like this one: Frequency Count of Number in an array in C is this code effective and efficient as I flagged this post as "it should be migrated to code review, sicne ...
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Is code optimization off topic on Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

On this question... Two sum algorithm variant - Optimization ...someone left this comment: Optimizing working code is off topic on here. This site is for fixing broken code. You can try ...
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Stack Overflow vs Code Review vs Programming Puzzles & Code Golf vs Software Engineering [duplicate]

I have read quite a bit about recommendations regarding choosing a proper target site in the Stack Exchange universe (Stack Overflow, Code Review, Programming Puzzles & Code Golf, Software ...
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Difference between Stack exchange and Stack overflow and programmers? [duplicate]

I just wanna know the difference between Stack exchange and Stack overflow websites.what is difference between posting questions either one of this link?
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