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I'm trying to ask which site I should post this question below. I have FC30 and the MATE desktop, and I'd like to make it look as close as possible to Windows without making my own theme. I'm using ...
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What is the best stackexchange to ask about Amazon Web Services [duplicate]

I've been asking some questions on StackOverflow, and unlike most of my questions, they get a small number of views and responses. They deal with Amazon Web Services, and mainly with Elastic ...
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Difference between Stack exchange and Stack overflow and programmers? [duplicate]

I just wanna know the difference between Stack exchange and Stack overflow websites.what is difference between posting questions either one of this link?
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Stack Overflow vs Code Review vs Programming Puzzles & Code Golf vs Software Engineering [duplicate]

I have read quite a bit about recommendations regarding choosing a proper target site in the Stack Exchange universe (Stack Overflow, Code Review, Programming Puzzles & Code Golf, Software ...
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Where on Stack Exchange can ask questions about Software Quality Assurance or Software Architecture? [duplicate]

Are all Stack Exchange websites only there to ask about code related questions, or is there any website in the network where we can ask questions about other fields of software, like Quality Assurance,...
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Where can I post Microsoft Excel 2016 related questions? [duplicate]

I have a problem filtering rows in Microsoft Excel 2016. Where can I post these types of questions?
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What is the appropriate Stack Exchange to ask about software scheme [duplicate]

I have some questions about the logic of a program that I am coding, my questions is not about pattern or code, but program design and algorithm. In fact I am not sure my algorithm can give to me a ...
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Which is the proper site to ask about commands on Arch Linux? [duplicate]

I see the most popular site on Stack Exchange about Linux is Ask Ubuntu, however, my question is a Arch Linux related question (commands/services).
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Where would I ask a question about general computer systems? [duplicate]

Where would I ask a question relating to general computer programming? Specifically, I am wondering about some exact technicalities of kernels, and if complete systems that have been programmed to use ...
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Distinction between programming, web development, and stack overflow [duplicate]

When I look at the list of exchanges on StackExchange, I see a number of exchanges related to computer software programming, such as Stack Overflow, Computer Graphics, Programming, and Web ...
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Is code optimization off topic on Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

On this question... Two sum algorithm variant - Optimization ...someone left this comment: Optimizing working code is off topic on here. This site is for fixing broken code. You can try ...
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Is Stack Overflow a good place to ask specific sympy questions? [duplicate]

Questions like such as: How to do X in sympy? E.g. questions which touch math as well as programming. (Not questions such as: "How to install sympy on OS Y?") Is there a better place than Stack ...
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Where to ask CS algorithm questions? [duplicate]

I have a particular algorithm question that I am struggling to find optimal solution. I have a solution that isn't optimal and I want suggestions on a better solution. I also can't determine runtime ...
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Where should I ask about code design and implementation? [duplicate]

I recently asked a question (intially badly) about how I would implement a UI pattern with React not problems I was having with code. The question was ultimately closed due to being off topic. Where ...
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How to determine which Stack Exchange site to ask cross discipline questions on [duplicate]

I asked a question on Code Review and it got put on hold. The question is about the correct way to express a guessing function for a modified interpolation search. It's basically an interpolation ...
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Choosing between Stack Overflow and Software Engineering

Suppose you have a "borderline subjective" question, and you're not sure if you should post it to Stack Overflow or Software Engineering. How do you decide? What's the best default option if you ...
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What are the differences between Stack Overflow, Software Engineering, and Code Review?

I do not understand what the differences are between Stack Overflow , Software Engineering and Code Review. All of them seem to be the same thing: talking about programming. So I do not understand ...
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Where can I ask questions that don't fit or are off-topic for Stack Overflow?

Thank you for your confidence in our abilities! But have you looked at the Stack Overflow Help Center? Even though we get a lot of IT/network/computer/technical questions here, Stack Overflow is meant ...
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In which Stack Overflow umbrella of sites should I ask a OO design question?

I have a question that deals with OO design aspects. I do not have complete working code and my understanding is that non-working code cannot be posted on the Code Review site. What I have is a ...
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Where is Stack Overflow heading now?

I am a user not nearly long enough to be judging how it was in "good old days", but I somehow always thought SO was a site for people to answer any questions related to programming computers. And ...
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Where can I ask system administration related questions?

I was asking about cron job, got voted down and saying its related to system administration, so where to go to ask for it? I want to ask if I have this situation: Shared Hosting Solution is ...
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Where can I go to figure out which SE site to ask on?

If I have a question that I want answered and I am unsure which category it falls under, how will I know where to ask it? Obviously, posting on a random site is not a good solution.
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How do I settle where my question belongs?

I'm working on a custom implementation of a Bootstrap carousel in WordPress. The problem is, I posted the question once to Stack Overflow and had it deleted after about a week because I thought ...
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Are requests for code improvements of running code on-topic on SO? [duplicate]

I'm especially asking for OP's like this one: Frequency Count of Number in an array in C is this code effective and efficient as I flagged this post as "it should be migrated to code review, sicne ...
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