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Choosing between Stack Overflow and Software Engineering

Suppose you have a "borderline subjective" question, and you're not sure if you should post it to Stack Overflow or Software Engineering. How do you decide? What's the best default option if you ...
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What are the differences between Stack Overflow, Software Engineering, and Code Review?

I do not understand what the differences are between Stack Overflow , Software Engineering and Code Review. All of them seem to be the same thing: talking about programming. So I do not understand ...
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Where can I ask questions that don't fit or are off-topic for Stack Overflow?

Thank you for your confidence in our abilities! But have you looked at the Stack Overflow Help Center? Even though we get a lot of IT/network/computer/technical questions here, Stack Overflow is meant ...
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In which Stack Overflow umbrella of sites should I ask a OO design question?

I have a question that deals with OO design aspects. I do not have complete working code and my understanding is that non-working code cannot be posted on the Code Review site. What I have is a ...
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Where is Stack Overflow heading now?

I am a user not nearly long enough to be judging how it was in "good old days", but I somehow always thought SO was a site for people to answer any questions related to programming computers. And ...
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Where can I ask system administration related questions?

I was asking about cron job, got voted down and saying its related to system administration, so where to go to ask for it? I want to ask if I have this situation: Shared Hosting Solution is ...
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Where can I go to figure out which SE site to ask on?

If I have a question that I want answered and I am unsure which category it falls under, how will I know where to ask it? Obviously, posting on a random site is not a good solution.
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How do I settle where my question belongs?

I'm working on a custom implementation of a Bootstrap carousel in WordPress. The problem is, I posted the question once to Stack Overflow and had it deleted after about a week because I thought ...
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Are requests for code improvements of running code on-topic on SO? [duplicate]

I'm especially asking for OP's like this one: Frequency Count of Number in an array in C is this code effective and efficient as I flagged this post as "it should be migrated to code review, sicne ...
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